Monday, July 30, 2012

Cruising the Web

The hypocrisy of this whole brouhaha about Chick-fil-A is that some or most of those most vocal of the company for its position on traditional marriage supported Barack Obama and Bill Clinton. Rahm Emanuel, who has been grandstanding about Chick-fil-A worked for both of those men who ostensibly had the same position on marriage as the CEO of the company. People getting all riled up about Chick-fil-A weren't so excited about Barack Obama who pretended to have that exact same position up to a few months ago.

The IOC members have a history of anti-Semitism. A son of one of the Israeli 1972 victims recounts how one official said they couldn't recognize the Israeli victims without also recognizing the deaths of their Palestinian murderers. Such is the logic of Olympics officials.

This is what it means when President Obama promised us that nothing would change with his health care plan for those who were happy with their health care: now we are seeing the effects with headlines like these - "Doctor Shortage Likely to Worsen With Health Law." Put together increased demand and reduced compensation and what did you expect would happen?

Time Magazine has a story about the 20 most influential Americans of all time. I enjoy lists like these and the debates they engender, but they can also be so very irritating. The usual people make the list, but then there are the politically correct candidates. Sitting Bull? Come on, exactly how did he influence American history? They wanted to pick a Native American so he gets thrown into the pile. And Margaret Sanger might be a perfectly fine inclusion since clearly birth control has changed our society. But in the write-up on her by Gloria Steinem, Sanger's well-documented support of eugenics is completely ignored. And why is Muhammad Ali considered one of the most influential Americans of all time? If they want an athlete, surely Jackie Robinson did more to change society. Oh well. Enjoy the debates.

Not only are we going to be paying more at the supermarket because of the drought and our stupid ethanol policies that has us burning food as an ineffective green energy program, but taxpayers are also going to footing much of farmers' crop insurance bills.

Jake Tapper has some fun with Jay Carney about the tone of Obama's campaign compared to his rhetoric of civility eight years ago.

Charles Krauthammer puts the slamdown on Dan Pfeiffer, the White House Communications Director, over Pfeiffer's angry, but false, denial that Obama had returned the Winston Churchill statue that had been lent to George W. Bush. And, of course, Pfeiffer doesn't have the class to admit that he got his facts all wrong when he denounced Krauthammer's column that mentioned that fact.

John Hinderaker explains why CNN's ratings are continuing to decline. They don't have the courage of their convictions to go full out MSNBC-mode, so they just project a wimpy variety of liberalism.

Oh, no! Liberals realize that there are some young conservatives out there who are hip, yet not liberal. It's an anthropological discovery!

William Tucker explains how the Obama administration is set to recreate the conditions that led to the housing meltdown by forcing banks to give more loans to people who can't afford them or risk massive fines for discriminating against minorities.

Campbell Brown wonders why labor unions stand with sexual predators over students.

Gordon Crovitz reminds us of more of the contributions of private businesses to the creation of the internet we know today.

Ross Douhat examines how some have come to define religious liberty down.

Liberals swarm to attack a businessman who comes out to support Romney.

How selective editing of a Romney compliment to the British is being taken as an insult by the left in Britain.

Kevin Williamson visits San Bernardino's bankruptcy. It's not a pretty picgture.

Expect the federal dole to go up if Obama wins reelection.

I thought liberals didn't want to bring the government in between women and their personal choices of what to do with their bodies. Tell that to Nanny Bloomberg.