Thursday, July 26, 2012

Cruising the Web

David Hill, a GOP pollster, analyzes how much money Obama is spending on polling and he's just dumbfounded on how much money Obama has already spent. He figures that the campaign has already spent about 5% more than an average presidential campaign, especially one that didn't have primaries to worry about. His column is a fascinating look at what might be going on inside a campaign.

William Jacobson posts his favorite "You didn't build that" cartoon.

Every time we hear some story about how the state of California is being run, it becomes even more dumbfounding. Now we hear that the government had no system in place to keep track of $37 billion in special funds and were just basically relying on the honor system. Word to California: trusting, not verifying is no way to run a government!

The Attorney General of the most transparent administration in history scolds an intern for taking notes when Holder was speaking to congressional interns.

Here is a great story from an exciting race between Americans and Nazis at the 1936 Olympics. And it's not a track race.

William Galston has a perceptive column on why 2012's election is nothing like 2004.

Ramesh Ponnuru examines the trap that the Obama administration has put Democrats in by its unilateral, probably illegal, issuing of waivers to let states modify their welfare requirements.

It's pretty bad when even Andrew Sullivan is sadly commenting on Obama's biggest blunder yet.

Justice Scalia pooh poohs all the excitement about supposed leaks from the Supreme Court about acrimony stemming from any particular decision.

Ann Althouse notices that Obama is now trying to sound more moderate.

Explaining why gun sales rise after a mass shooting.

Is this the ad most dangerous to Obama's reelection?

Underemployment has increased so ridiculously in America that janitors, bartenders, truck drivers, and waiters now have college degrees.

David Remnick profiles Bruce Springsteen in his sixties and his life with his wife. Springsteen also says that he doesn't want to spend any more of his political capital on this year's election even though he supports Obama.

Are these elected officials so ignorant of the Constitution that they truly see nothing wrong with the government threatening building permits to a company simply because they disagree with the CEO's ideological positions?

Why David Frum is so wrong so often.

Someone who worked at Bain Capital refutes the hysteria on Bain and supposed outsourcing.

For a campaign that says it's not worried about Obama's "you didn't build that" speech, it sure is doing a lot of damage control.


Dexter said...

You forgot this one on the web as well!

mark said...

Hysteria about outsourcing?
Nope. Just some facts.
And we know why Romney had no comment regarding the Olympic uniforms being made in other countries. Not sure we knew the extent of his narcissism.

Rick Caird said...

Mark, it is tiring to have to educate you on such a regular basis. You seem to not understand "outsourcing". Let me give you a hint: Betsy outsources a part of this blog. I am quite certain she does not run her own web server, but instead contracts with a hosting service to that for her. If she did not outsource that function, she would be too busy doing IT stuff to actually blog anything. That is what outsourcing is about: contracting with a supplier to provide a service or product. Everyone does that, including you. Every hire a plumber or an electrician? That is outsourcing.

Dexter, if you want to provide references from the web that are not on topic, why don't you get your own blog? Then you could read it yourself and become completely self referencing while living in your mother's basement. Just a thought.

mark said...

What a sad attempt!

If I ever have pins made in my likeness (alongside the U.S. flag, of course), I pledge to outsource the work within our country. If you ask nicely, I'll even send you one. No charge.

mark said...

Six pins. Not one, but six pins with Romney's face.
That's even more than the number of gaffes and security leaks Romney has made in one day in his overseas tour.

Rick Caird said...

Well, Mark, we have finally educate you on outsourcing, only to find you are a mercantilist. You would be wise not to go into business with such a philosophy.

mark said...

And you would be wise not to wait for one of my pins.