Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Cruising the Web

Jim Geraghty points to six aspects of Mitt Romney's history and record that his campaign could do a better job highlighting. This follows Sean Trende's advice that Romney needs to go positive in order to move the polls.

Jake Tapper presents a brief history of Obama going negative going back to his first congressional campaign.

Guy Benson debunks the liberal talking point that Romney invested in a company that disposed of aborted fetuses.

A year ago, Noemie Emery explored the political uses of grief after violent events since JFK's assassination. It's a depressing history.

The tax burden from Obamacare keeps rising. Employers will now have $4 billion more in taxes than previously expected.

Explaining the nation's history of regarding corporations as people. And Obamacare might even make the problem of the uninsured worse.

Obama tries to throw Elizabeth Warren and himself under the bus as he struggles to twist his words from Roanoke.

Recently conservatives ridiculed Obama's answer to Charlie Rose that his biggest mistake was not telling the American people a better story about what he's been doing as president. However, Obama has always regarded his own personal story as one of his greatest strengths as a political leader. As far back as 200 he was constantly talking about the primacy of his own story. And David Axelrod went to work to plumb Obama's personal biography in order to sell Obama as a president. No wonder that Obama looks to stories to win political support.

Apparently, Steny Hoyer thinks that the best thing that the government can do to stimulate the economy is provide unemployment insurance and food stamps.

So the CIA has had to admit that they somehow missed a four-to-five inch stack of documents in responding to a FOIA request about their cooperation with Hollywood on the movie about the raid that killed Osama bin Laden. So are they deliberately obstructive or just incompetent? And does either answer give you confidence in our nation's intelligence gathering?

Let's go to the tape.