Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Cruising the Web

Let's remember how Hillary Clinton called Bassar Assad a "reformer." And let's not forget how Nancy Pelosi and John Kerry praised Assad. And go back a few more years to how Democrats excoriated John Bolton for criticizing Syria.

Obama's own special inspector general for TARP has written a book indicting the Obama administration for how it administered the TARP program and Obama's Home Affordable Modification Program for helping banks at the expense of the homeowners it was supposed to be helping.

So why is the SEIU busing in people to protest Dunkin' Donuts? They're upset that Bain purchased Dunkin' Donuts in 2006 from a French firm, but somehow the connection is enough for the SEIU to try to stop people from buying from a local franchise in a small town in Pennsylvania. Does this make any sense to persuade anyone of anything except how pernicious the SEIU is?

A judge gives parents in Southern California a victory in allowing them to take over their children's failing school.

The Energy Department seems to be missing about half a million dollars of stimulus funds. And that isn't even counting the money they gave to firms that have since gone belly up.

HBO utilizes some dishonest editing to make it seem that critics are more fond of "The Newsroom" than they are. Nice ethics for a show about the MSM.

Actually, foreign investors invested in Bain.

Brian Ross has a history of dishonest and shoddy reporting.

Some advice for the media when they're writing about guns.

The horrific murders in Aurora last week are just the latest of murders and attempted massacres that the media and others rushed to blame on conservatives. When will people learn to wait until evidence comes out instead of rushing to blame their political opponents? There is something so very odious about trying to score ideological points before bodies or killers have even been identified.

Romney does a fine job of explaining how the context of Obama's quote about "you didn't build that" is worse than the single quote.

What happens when Egyptian actors are punked into believing that they've been interviewed by Israelis? It's not pretty.