Friday, July 20, 2012

Cruising the Web

Obama has redefined the meaning of the term "freeloader."

Liberals like to invent new rights that all citizens are guaranteed. How about the "right to read?" Are school districts violating that right by not doing enough to teach their students how to read? The ACLU thinks they have a case in Michigan.

Stuart Rothenberg analyzes why it's going to be near to impossible for the Democrats to take back the House.

It's time for Obama to retire all his hopium changium nonsense. Instead he's going for telling a story. I guess that is a lot easier than actually accomplishing the objectives he promised in 2008.

Analyzing the effect of Jeremy Lin on MSG's stock value.

Youtube restored the Romney ad deciding that the President singing "Let's Stay Together" didn't violate copyright laws. A win for fair use.

CNN took four days to report on the President's "You didn't build that" speech but jumped on a dumb John Sununu quote in a few hours. The bias lies in not even realizing that the President had said anything that anyone might find controversial. That's what having ideological blinders gets for the media - they can't recognize what the other side is thinking about since it's just too alien to their own way of thinking.

Jay Cost analyzes to what degree using a "Registered Voter" sample skews towards Obama. Very interesting and encouraging for Republicans.

Harry Reid ducks answering a question about why he didn't push to raise taxes on those making over $250,000 a year and extending the rest of the Bush tax cuts back when the Democrats had overwhelming control of the Senate. Perhaps it's for the same reason why they stopped passing a budget as required by law. They didn't want to make any commitments that might be unpopular and wanted to still keep the option to demagogue those who did commit to budget decisions. Chuck Schumer get the same question and said that the Democrats didn't raise taxes back in 2010 because they needed to stimulate the economy. Apparently, he doesn't think the economy needs stimulus now.

This raises the question: is Harry Reid the dumbest Senate Majority Leader ever?

Obama says that "we don’t think the government should help people who don’t want to even help themselves." So why gut work requirements for welfare?

Jay Bilas has some thought-provoking ideas of what the NCAA could do to counter the move to "ones and dones." I hope the NCAA will start discussing such changes.

So why is Obama doing nothing to avoid the coming defense crack-up that his own Secretary of Defense is warning about?

Documents show that the SEIU funded at many as 50 employees to live in a Wisconsin hotel quite possibly in order to vote in the Wisconsin recall elections. This could be the evidence needed to reverse the decisions by two state judges that a recently passed voter ID law is unconstitutional.

Is Barack Obama projecting in his rant against people's pride in what he considers unearned success?

Andrew Malcolm on the potent idiocy of political photo ops. If we can all agree on how stupid they are, why do the media keep getting suckered into showing them?

This should make Sacramento's politicians even less popular - they sneaked in raises for their aides before they cut pay of other state workers.