Monday, July 16, 2012

Cruising the Web

For all those people calling for Romney to be more specific in his proposals, they're forgetting that presidential campaigns are usually vague.

Walter Russell Mead examines how teachers unions fund a whole range of leftist groups - they're the moneybags of the left. That's why Wisconsin-style reforms making it more difficult for the unions to automatically extract money from teachers' paychecks were so anathema to the entire left.

Sounds like an emblematic line for Obama fanatics: "Some things are worth losing your job for." that's what the character played by Charles S. Dutton says in the new movie "The Obama Effect" about a man who finds inspiration in working to elect Obama.

Yeah, this is the university sports program the NCAA must be coming down hard on - Cal Tech.

Democrats dump onto an online site their oppo research on Romney's potential vice presidential picks. Nice of them to facilitate Romney's decision making.

So what factor best predicts which side of a case Justice Anthony Kennedy would come down on?

Here's a list of the top ten felons associated with Obama.

Aviezer Tucker examines the new looming cold war over exploring shale gas in Europe. Russia is desperate to prevent hydraulic fracking from taking hold in Europe and driving down the price of natural gas which would devastate their oil industry.
The challenge facing Gazprom is to convince nations that pay it exorbitant sums of foreign currency to forgo a technology that can save them a lot of money, create local jobs and support their political independence. This challenge is not unlike the task the Soviet Union faced after World War II: The United States offered the devastated countries of Europe substantial free economic aid in the Marshall Plan. Fearing economic and political independence, the Soviets had to persuade Europeans to give up free money.
The Russians must place their hopes that environmentalists will do their work for them. Rather like environmentalists have been endeavoring to do in the United States.

Young people are Obama's dupes. They got fooled once so they're lining up to be fooled again.

The problem with using the Bush 2004 strategy against Kerry this year against Romney is that there are differences between Kerry and Romney and 2012 is a much different environment than 2004.

It's never too late to demand reparations. The French town of Angers wants compensation for the end of the Plantagenet dynasty. They're willing to settle for the crown jewels. This could start a dangerous trend for the French - what if the Holy Roman Empire demands reparations due to Napoleon's actions?

The Washington Post explores why Obama's Middle East policy has consistently failed. Part of his problem was his overconfidence in his skills and his misunderstanding of the Israelis' concerns.

It's fitting that Obama's new definition of work is anything that allows you to receive government assistance.

Democrats have no answer to the facts that the stimulus created jobs overseas.

Maybe it is because Obama has so little idea of how businesses are built in America. Apparently, he thinks it is mostly do to government assistance.

California's feel-good animal rights law against foie gras and eggs taken from hens living in tiny cages is running afoul of the federal-state powers divide as well as sparking a retaliatory tariff form the French.

Awww, one of Obama's biggest fundraisers from 2008 just didn't get as much as she expected to from the Obama administration and isn't as enthused about donating as much this time around.

This is what modern journalism is reduced to: giving interview subjects the power to edit their own quotes.

Does Barack Obama really want to run on the buck stops with the leader argument?

The top ten taxes in Obamacare.

Hmm, why does President Obama, who is so concerned that everyone pay their fair share, have 36 members of his executive office staff still owing $833,970 in back taxes?

New York city doesn't have the money to keep enough police on the street because the city pays so much in pension money to retired policemen and to fund the pension for future retirees. Does this make sense?

What a surprise: the folks just aren't falling in with the tacky idea to give money to President Obama's campaign in lieu of wedding gifts.