Friday, July 13, 2012

Cruising the Web

Sean Trende has an intelligent analysis of why neither Obama nor Romney can do much to move their poll numbers.

It hasn't taken long to refute the newest attempt by the Obama campaign to capitalize on a Boston Globe story saying that Mitt Romney was in charge of Bain Capital after he left them in 1999 to head up the Olympics. The Washington Post pours cold water on the story. Fortune Magazine looks at contemporaneous documents to refute the story. is sticking by their analysis, based on looking at documents that the Obama campaign submitted, that Romney didn't actively manage Bain after he left. William Jacobson points out that the Boston Globe ran basically the same story ten years ago. I guess the Globe figured that it would be more help to the Obama campaign if they would just repeat their story.

As Guy Benson, who has a good summary of all the holes in the Democrats' attacks, summarizes
So, setting aside all the evidence above, liberals would have us believe that (1) Mitt Romney and his team of attorneys intentionally committed a felony in the early 2000s by submitting false information to the federal government, and (2) he did so to cover his ass just in case future political opponents might try to blame him for Bain-related bankruptcies -- some of which had not even occurred yet (!) -- twelve years later. This is ridiculous on its face, of course, but if liberals want to say they believe it, they'd also better acknowledge that Romney is a wizard who can see the future and act accordingly. Sounds like a pretty good quality to have in a president, doesn't it, deranged Lefties? ....Think about this: Democrats are conjuring new lies to justify previous lies that are currently being repeated ad nauseam in their attack ads. Unreal.
Philip Klein adds this observation,
If Romney was actively running Bain while turning around SLC Olympics, he's an even more impressive exec than advertised.

And Jim Geraghty notes that, in 2002, the Democratic Party argued that Romney didn't qualify as a Massachusetts resident because he'd spent so much time in Utah now argues that he couldn't have been so busy running the Olympics because he was making operational decision at Bain.

James Pethokoukis demonstrates how the welfare state has constructed a situation where it would make more sense for a single mother to stay on welfare rather than accept a $69,000 job.

Bloomberg Businessweek has a coverstory on "Latter-day Lucre: How the Mormon Church Makes Its Billions." How come they didn't run stories like that with offensive covers when Harry Reid became the leader of the Senate?

Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton create more jobs than Harry Reid does.

Here's a startling fact: "– In the 1960s, there were 18 workers per Medicaid recipient. Today that number is 2.5."

Nick Gillespie argues that the real class warfare is between the baby boomer generation and younger Americans.

You think there isn't voter fraud? Then how do you explain the Philadelphia precincts that regularly have 100% participation, even more than 100% sometimes, in recent elections?

Paul Mirengoff put forth his list of the 20 all-time giant members of the Senate. He later added in some other possible nominations.

Victor Davis Hanson ponders how all the presuppositions that we have regarding global power relations are being upended by changes few were anticipating a decade ago and the development of new oil-drilling and natural gas technology.