Thursday, July 12, 2012

Cruising the Web

One of Obama's big fundraisers explodes at the Obama campaign's class warfare.

Matt Welch reports on the history of Swiss bank accounts.

Another California city, San Bernardino, declares bankruptcy. Of course, this doesn't help:
City Atty. James Penman said city budget officials had falsified documents presented to the mayor and council for 13 of the last 16 years, masking the city's deficit spending.

"For the last 16 years the budget prepared for the council showed the city was in the black," Penman said, not naming those allegedly responsible. "The mayor and the council were not given accurate documents."
Yup, that will do it.

Daniel Henninger takes after the Romney campaign for putting him on the jet ski for the media photographers. It does reflect a lack of self awareness for a candidate who is getting beaten up every day for being on out-of-touch rich guy. But it sure looked fun. I've always wanted to try a jet ski.

Jay Cost dissects historic poll data to argue that incumbent presidents rarely do better in elections than their approval ratings. And that is not good news for Obama. But there are exceptions and it's a limited data set so perhaps the campaign still matters.

Eric Holder is trying to incite racial fears by labeling a photo ID law in Texas as a "poll tax." Not only is that ridiculous, but the Supreme Court has already rejected that argument. You would think that an attorney general would know that sort of thing.

What does it say about Obama that many people would believe a scam promising them that President Obama would pay their bills if they'd just turn over their Social Security numbers or other personal information?

Obama's promises on green jobs has been a bust from beginning to end.

Thomas Sowell explains why raising tax rates on the wealthy will not automatically raise more tax revenue. It's a principle that John Kennedy understood, but not today's liberals.

John Dickerson explains why Romney was happy to be booed at the NAACP convention - it's the appearance of his going there and getting booed that matters. Dickerson also makes this observation about campaign ads in today's politics. No one cares any more that their facts are wrong and that they'll get dinged by the factcheckers.
This is further confirmation of an essential truth both campaigns have embraced about fact checking: The upside from a strong distortion is better than the downside from the hall monitors. If you're not getting four Pinocchios or a pants-on-fire, you're not doing it right. Let them boo—as long as the message gets through.

Robert F. Turner explains why we shouldn't believe the myth of Thomas Jefferson fathering Sally Hemings' children. People bought into the story because they liked to have a scandal about a founding father. It also helped that the story about the DNA tests supposedly linking him to one of her children broke during the whole Monica Lewinsky scandal. But they neglected to note that all the DNA evidence demonstrated was that a male Jefferson fathered the youngest son, Eston. And there were at least six other Jefferson males who could have provided that DNA.

Not only does Obama repeat himself in his major policy speeches, but he also does it in his diplomatic utterances. Now Danish TV is ridiculing Obama for repeating himself over and over and over when meeting with foreign diplomats. He uses the same boxing metaphors and tells almost every foreign leader that his or her country is one of our strongest allies. And Jon Stewart has trouble finding things about Obama to ridicule....