Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Cruising the Web

The WSJ reveals that organized labor spends about four times as much on politics and lobbying as people originally estimated. The difference involves looking at what they do at the state and local level.

Most students find their schoolwork too easy.

If you hear Democrats or the media making fun of Romney's fundraising in the Hamptons, remember that Obama has substantially outraised Romney in the Hamptons.

Maybe the wisdom of crowds isn't always as smart as people think, especially when just a few people like members of the Supreme Court or Mitt Romney on his VP pick are in on the information.

It makes sense for states to turn down Obamacare's Medicaid expansion and to decide not to set up their own exchanges. This means that the federal government will have to foot more of the bill thus driving up the federal government's costs and blowing a hole in the original estimates of what it would cost.

Quin Hillyer looks over potential Romney picks and makes a good argument for John Kyl as well as Jindal and Ryan and Ayotte. I hadn't thought of Kyl, but I've always liked him and he would supply some of the foreign policy background that Romney is missing.

Five other fake Indians besides Elizabeth Warren.

Here is a cool archaeological discovery.

Obama's tax increases would affect about 900,000 small businesses. How is that going to help employment?

The IRS is going to have a lot of trouble gathering the tax in Obamacare on those who don't have health insurance. In fact, the most the IRS can do is hold back people's tax refunds. And if people aren't set to receive a refund, then there is no other penalty except getting an ugly letter from the IRS.

This is way cool: a guy does the history of Rock in 100 guitar riffs and he does it all in one take.

A sad reflection of American education - asking people at the beach if they know what the Fourth of July is celebrating.

The Obama administration doesn't include Israel as one of the countries who have suffered from terrorism. And they left Israel out of discussions on counterterrorism.

Apropos of this weather, John Steele Gordon presents a history of air conditioning.

What does the NBA tell us about income inequality?

The Atlantic profiles George P. Bush, the young hope of the Bush dynasty.

More lies in ads attacking Romney's Bain record.

Jonathan Bernstein refutes the Swift Boat myth.