Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Cruising the Web

It's getting rather creepy. Now Democrats are recruiting supporters to go out and videotape Republicans running for Congress at their homes and out shopping. They're even posting addresses on the internet.

No, Mitt Romney doesn't pay an effective income tax rate that is lower than middle-class Americans.

Why Romney's election prospects aren't as low as they might seem now with Obama's attacks on Romney's Bain background, supposed outsourcing, and off-shore Swiss accounts. Of course, this analysis relies on standard rules based on past elections. Obama has never fit the standard rules.

States can already get started in putting an end to Obamacare.

Don't believe all the hints and rumors about who isn't and is being considered for Romney's running mate.

It's extremely discouraging when even science majors can't find a job.

Jonathan Adler explains how Justice Roberts' decision on the health care plan fits in line with his other judicial opinions.

Explaining why states are turning down the Medicaid expansion in Obamacare. It's not just partisan posturing; there are real economic consequences to the states if they take that money.

Some more signs that China's economy isn't as awesome as Thomas Friedman would like us to believe.

The Obama administration's sanctions against Iran are riddled with exemptions just as his Obamacare requirements launched lots of waivers. We've even exempted China from the sanctions. It is clear that the sanctions are just a political ruse to make it look like Obama is doing something about Iran.

We're not turning into Europe; we already are.

Everyone seems to agree that Obama can't run on his record. Shouldn't that be all voters need to know?

California is rushing full speed ahead off a fiscal cliff.

Tom Goldstein of scotusblog has a detailed examination of how the media covered the announcement of the decision on the health care law. We basically knew why CNN and FOX got it wrong, but it's a fascinating look behind the scenes of how the media covers breaking news from the Court.

The Romney folk explain why they have had a minimal response to Obama's attacks on his record at Bain. But they have the money now and I think they should respond before the attacks become baked into the cake.