Friday, July 06, 2012

Cruising the Web

Just because Obama didn't lose on the health care decision doesn't mean that he won either.

How is Obama going to spin presiding over the longest streak of unemployment at 8% or more since the Great Depression as an indication that his policies should be continued for another four years? And, as James Pethokoukis writes, digging into the jobs report makes the labor market look even worse. If the same percentage of people were participating in the labor force as when Obama took office, the unemployment rate would be 10.9%. And almost 1/3 of the jobs reported were through temporary employment firms. Businesses just don't want to risk hiring permanent workers now.

Of course, AP reporters don't seem to understand the economic news that they've been ignoring.

Ed Carson lists 10 reasons why the jobs market is even worse than the June employment numbers suggest.

Transportation secretary Ray LaHood is an idiot. And he's another one like Thomas Friedman who admires the dictatorial powers of the Chinese government. He is totally unaware of the problems plaguing all that wonderful Chinese high-speed rail that he so wishes to impose on our country. But his admiration for dictatorial power makes him fit right in with the Obama administration.

Another green energy company touted by the Obama administration and given federal loan guarantees looks about to collapse.

Look to other models of central health care control to see what eventually will happen if we keep moving towards stronger federal control over our medical system. The solution is to give consumers more control.

Jonah Goldberg detects symptoms of a sick culture.

Timothy Carney explains how big business works with big government to get what it wants which is not a freer market.

I'm sorry, but I can't get all worked up to thinking it was a major blunder of the Romney camp to go back and forth between calling the individual mandate a tax or a penalty. Remember, this campaign is all about convincing voters at the margin - the swing voters. Remember, 45% of Americans don't know what the Supreme Court ruled. And most of them probably are unaware of the arguments involved in Justice Roberts' decision. They certainly don't understand the difference between calling it a tax or a penalty. And they clearly are unaware that a Romney aide went on TV and called it a penalty. It's only political aficionados who are aware and care. And they already know how they're voting.

Allahpundit agrees that this a whole bit of pundit debate over something that people don't care about.

Carl Cannon has an idea - if we're going to waste stimulus spending on so many failed infrastructure jobs and green energy boondoggles, how about spending some of it to bury electrical wires underground so people don't lose power in a summer thunderstorm?
George Wills reports on the mess that is the battle between Chicago's teachers union and Mayor Emanuel.

How come Mona Charen can make a better defense of Romneycare than Romney can? Surely he knows all of this.

And for your daily dose of cuteness, check out panda bears on a slide.