Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Cruising the Web

Michael Boskin explains why President Obama would benefit from reading Adam Smith. We shall not hold our breath waiting for him to understand some basic economic principles.

Factchecker takes apart Obama's claim that if you like your insurance you can keep it.

Jonah Goldberg notes how Obama likes to pretend that everyone agrees with him, even when it's demonstrably not true. Thus we see the arrogance of the liberals who assume that all enlightened people must agree with them. It makes it all the easier to ignore what people want and just let the "experts" run the government.

Another California town files for bankruptcy.

Oops. A NC legislator hits the wrong button and so the legislature overrode Bev Perdue's veto of the fracking bill.

Keith Hennessey lays out the plan for repeal and replace. Avik Roy also has a battleplan for repeal.

ABC wonders where Ann Romney would go to ride horses if her husband is elected president. And they note she'd be following the model of Jacqueline Kennedy.

For those in the media who don't understand what is bad about Obamacare and who might be the losers if it is implemented, Jonah Goldberg has an abridged list.
For the record, there are losers under Obamacare. Here's a short list: 1) taxpayers who will carry the load of what the Congressional Budget Office says will be a $2-trillion price tag when the law is fully implemented; 2) the CBO also says it's likely that at least a few million workers will be pushed off their current insurance coverage, even though the president insists you can keep your existing insurance if you like it; 3) innumerable and unknowable numbers of sick people who will not be screened for various diseases because some bureaucrats' protocol says it's too expensive; 4) Roman Catholic and other religious institutions forced to violate their values; 5) a few million so-called freeloaders who don't want to buy health insurance for perfectly rational reasons.

The Romney campaign demonstrates why so many Republicans didn't support him in the primaries - they just have real trouble making a good argument against Obamacare.

Obama turns his back on Israel at the UN. Oh, and Romney is going to visit Israel this summer. Obama still hasn't visited even though he's taken trips to the area. Even Putin has visited there. But not Obama.

And if John Kerry becomes Obama's second term Secretary of State, expect more idiocy on Israel.

Michael Tanner explains how Obamacare's costs to the federal government are about to get a whole lot bigger.

McDonald's has found a way around San Francisco's ban on toys being given away with their happy meals. Don't underestimate the ingenuity of private enterprise.

The Nanny Governor will be a judge for the hot dog eating contest. Go figure.

The Supreme Court decision on Obamacare extended employer uncertainty which will not be good news for the economy. And this fact gives Romney a way to connect Obamacare to the economy and make his own message about how Obama is holding back growth. If Romney can do that.

Pictures from the Romney summer vacation. Jet skis and grandkids.