Monday, July 02, 2012

Cruising the Web

Robert Costa explains why the Romney campaign is so high on Rob Portman as a possible Veep choice.

How environmentalists have limited firefighters' ability to fight wildfires from the air. The Obama administration will have to explain to those in the Waldo Canyon fire in Colorado who just lost their homes why they cut back on the air tankers used to fight wildfires.

Ed Whelan explains why E.J. Dionne's hysterical calls for Scalia to resign are written from a stance of ignorance of what Scalia actually wrote and said.

Yet another company that Obama touted and gave hundreds of millions of federal money to has gone belly up.

Regulations on fracking are set to balloon next year.

People just don't seem to want to name their babies "Barack" any more. But that's okay. People aren't naming their children after presidents so much any more anyway. And those that did seem to lose interest in so doing some time during the president's first term.

Andrew McCarthy explains how the documents that Darrell Issa placed in the Congressional Record are so damning of the Justice Department.

Ben Shapiro analyzes the Republican and Democratic toss-up seats for the Senate this year and the chances that the Republicans could take control of the Senate.

The President made a conference call to campaign donors from Air Force One and someone released a tape of that call to the press. That doesn't sound like an eager donor, does it? If you're interested, you can read Obama's pitch so you'll know what such a request from the President to his major donors sounds like.

The Washington Post checks in with how Mitt Romney passes summer vacation with his family at his vacation home in New Hampshire.

James Capretta explains how the Republicans can use reconciliation to repeal Obamacare. Very informative.

Now that the Obama campaign is encouraging us to celebrate birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, etc. by giving a donation to Obama, Nick Gillespie has some other ideas of what we could give Obama in case we find a cash donation just too tacky. Or a blender is always nice.

Charles Lane informs us that John Roberts wrote an award-winning undergraduate paper on Daniel Webster. Lane finds echoes in Roberts' decision of Webster's approach to maintaining the Union even if he had to violate his own principles and those of his supporters in Massachusetts by agreeing to the Compromise of 1850 which included an ugly new Fugitive Slave Law.

Continuing their war on ancient religious art, Islamists in Timbuktu have attacked and destroyed the mausoleums of saints that date from the 16th century. That's a lot of help for Mali's dreams of having a tourism industry built around Timbuktu, but I don't know how many tourists want to visit an area dominated by groups such as these.

Contrasting the approach of the Romney and Obama campaigns to the emergency situation in Virginia. Wouldn't it be nice to have a president for whom everything isn't about him?

So who leaked the story to Jan Crawford that John Roberts switched his vote on the Affordable Care Act? My first inclination was to count Anthony Kennedy as one of the sources and Ann Althouse looks through Crawford's piece for some pretty conclusive evidence. She wrote an excellent book, Supreme Conflict, about Supreme Court nominations and seemed to have had sources within the Court for much of what she wrote. I highly recommend that book.

The WSJ explains quite clearly the dangerous new concepts within the new taxing power that John Roberts created in his ruling on Obamacare. It is a refutation of all those who have been admiring Roberts' dexterity in somehow threading the needle of political and constitutional concerns in his surprising opinion.