Thursday, July 26, 2012

Axelrod weasels on the national security leaks

We've gone from Obama's claim that it was insulting that his White House had leaked national security information.
"The notion that my White House would purposely release classified national security information is offensive. It's wrong," he said.
Well now, David Axelrod is not so offended. He's throwing the rest of the administration under the bus in order to save the President.
“I can tell you that the president of the United States did not leak classified information, as Mitt Romney suggested yesterday, and he didn’t authorize the leak of information, as Mitt Romney suggested yesterday,” Axelrod told MSNBC’s "Morning Joe."
That's a big change from his denial earlier that the leaks hadn't come from the White House. Interesting.

So what has changed in the past few weeks? Have they found out that someone did leak? If so, why aren't they sharing that with Congress instead of hiding behind the investigation by the two U.S. attorneys?

Just a couple of days ago they were muscling Dianne Feinstein into walking back her statement on Monday that the leaks were coming from the White House, although she absolved Obama and said that he wasn't ordering the leaks. They Cory Bookered her and got her to regret her remarks and tell us the President was "extremely troubled" by the leaks. Axelrod used some more non-denial denial language yesterday to absolve Obama.
Axelrod on Wednesday pointed to Feinstein’s reversal as he sought to play down the controversy and call for the investigation to proceed.

"You know that Sen. Feinstein said yesterday that she actually has no knowledge of where these leaks came from, so she rolled back what she said on Monday," Axelrod continued. "It’s also true that the authors of the two main books that are in question here both said the White House was not the source of the leaks."
Notice that these are 3rd person denials of what others have said not denials from their own mouths that no one in their administration had leaked any information.

We learned from Bill Clinton that we have to parse the language of these guys extremely closely. And when Axelrod goes from denying the White House's involvement to just denying the President's involvement is telling.