Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Obama's most laughable lie yet

The competition is tough, but this doesn't even pass the snort test. When he was asked why he hadn't come into Wisconsin to campaign for Tom Barrett, Obama explained his refusal to campaign thusly,
Asked why he didn’t visit the state Obama said “the truth of the matter is that as President of the United States, I have a lot of responsibilities.”
Yes, and how many fundraisers did he do in the past two weeks? I can't keep track which celebrities he was hobnobbing with in all his fundraisers. He went to fundraisers in states neighboring Wisconsin, but somehow he just couldn't find the time to head his airplane over to Wisconsin to give Barrett his support. Mark Knoller of CBS, who keeps tracks of these sorts of statistics, reports that, through tomorrow, Obama will have done 160 fundraisers since declaring for the presidency. GW Bush had done 79 fundraisers at the same point in his reelection campaign. But he just couldn't find the time to help out Barrett. All he could manage was a lame little tweet at the last minute.

Of course, his efforts to lend his magic to other candidates haven't been all that successful looking at his campaigning in the New Jersey and Virginia gubernatorial races or the race to replace Ted Kennedy.

Then Obama gave out some of his usual bipartisan blather.
“My goal has always been if we can bring parties together, there are ways that we can manage through tough fiscal decisions whether on the federal level or at the state level, but make sure that everybody is a part of it and everybody is doing their fair share, nobody is carrying the entire burden of sacrifice,” Obama told WBAY. “I think that’s what the American people are looking for – balanced approaches that take everybody’s interests into account.”
Oh, yeah. He has been so balanced that he pushed through his stimulus and health care packages without any care for Republican input. And he threw the Bowles-Simpson plan under the bus and later threw in any hope for a grand deal with Boehner in the debate over raising the debt ceiling. Is there any evidence that he has worked in a bipartisan manner in any way in his presidency?

The guy just lies, but he outdid himself in this interview.