Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Obama reveals his ignorance and prejudices

By ridiculing Romney about the difference between outsourcing and offshoring, Obama reveals his own deep ignorance. Kevin Williamson explains. Perhaps someone in the Obama campaign can take notes so that their guy doesn't sound so clueless.

But the weakness of Obama's argument goes beyond using the wrong word. There is a contradiction at the heart of his complaint.
What’s interesting about this controversy to me is the naked xenophobia of the Left on display alongside the amusing ignorance. Liberals love a good talk about the value of learning from other cultures and other peoples, so long as those foreigners don’t mind staying poor. If they want to sell goods and services, they are the enemy. Asians are allowed to be airy gurus and quaint villagers, but the day one of them wants to set up a factory, Democrats have a fit. Mohandas Gandhi good, Ratan Tata evil. You want collective, coordinated global cooperation to solve the world’s most pressing problems? That doesn’t look like a working-group meeting at the United Nations; it looks like what Bain does. You want a display of backward, ignorant chauvinism? Put Obama in front of a union hall.
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