Sunday, June 17, 2012

Obama designates the deciders for this election

Play that tired "imagine if a Republican had said this" game and ponder these words from President Obama spoken at his fundraiser on Thursday at Sarah Jessica Parker's home.
"You're the tie-breaker," he said. "You're the ultimate arbiter of which direction this country goes."
Think of that. He's speaking to an audience of elites who paid $40,000 a ticket to come here this wisdom. If any audience was made up of the so-called 1%, it was these guys. And they're the ones that he is telling are going to be the "ultimate arbiter" of our country's future.

Just remember when you hear Obama talking all about the middle class and what he wants to do for them that he really thinks that the liberal elites who contributed money to him are the "ultimate arbiter" of what he would do if reelected. They're the deciders, not the plebes who have the votes but just don't seem to be ponying up the big bucks that he needs to win. And the power to be an arbiter stems from donations, not votes.