Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Ignore the spin: this was a great and important victory

Congratulations to Wisconsin for rejecting the ridiculous recall of Scott Walker. Perhaps this will put an end to this idea that voters should recall elected politicians for policies that have saved money and helped create jobs.

Chris Cilliza takes a stab at analyzing why Scott Walker won yesterday. Strangely, he identifies all sorts of reasons except that Walker's reforms have already shown amazingly successful results after only a year. His reforms even saved teachers' jobs. That explains why the biggest losers last night were the teachers' unions. Remember how they skipped out of their jobs to protest Walker and dragged their students into protests. The behavior of such teachers was a shame to the teaching profession.

As Stephen Hayes writes, Scott Walker won yesterday because he delivered on results.
Walker turned a $3.6 billion deficit into a $154 million surplus. Unemployment is down. So are property taxes. Businesses, even with uncertainty about the U.S. economy, are optimistic about the direction of the state. Even with the political divisions, it’s hard to imagine a more successful 16 months as governor.

Results matter. And that, more than anything else, explains why Scott Walker won.

The spin last night on TV was that somehow this was still a good result for Obama based on exit polls showing him leading Romney in Wisconsin. Remember these were the same exit polls that showed the vote too close to call and didn't include the absentee voters who made up as much as 12% of the electorate. Yeah, right.

The best tweet of the night was David Axelrod's sorry attempt at spin.
Bad night in Boston...WI raises big questions for Mitt.
No sir. Is Obama paying him for this level of analysis?

Jonah Goldberg casts justified scorn on that spin.
Even so, the idea that Obama is happy tonight because of his lead over Romney in Wisconsin is the shallowest, lamest, spin of this hugely important night which has significance far beyond just the presidential election. But even looking at presidential politics alone, this is a terrible night for Obama and the Democrats. Obama is now catawampus with organized labor generally and public sector unions specifically. Organized labor is now losing an existential struggle and not just in Wisconsin. Their resources are threatened as union dues dry up wherever they are forcibly extracted from workers. They have to choose between working for Obama’s political survival or their own. Obama, meanwhile, has to worry about how to get back in their good graces and revive their enthusiasm at precisely the moment he should be worrying about moving to the center.

Last, this is Wisconsin. Every day Obama has to spend serious time and money in Wisconsin is a losing day for Barack Obama. The results tonight suggest he’ll be there quite a bit.

But yeah, it’s a great night for Obama because the exit polls say so.
If only Obama had tweeted more. Yeah, that would have done it.

Jim Geraghty explains how this result will help unions and Democrats. But that is true only if they show enough good sense to learn from their mistakes. Don't count on it.

And to top off all that was auspicious from last night for the forces of good, the Celtics humiliated the Heat in Game 5.