Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Cruising the Web

Time Magazine worries that Mitt Romney is just too focused on the economy. Hmmm. If the MSM is worried about Romney's focus on the economy, he should keep it up.

Adam Carolla socks it to liberal hypocrites in Hollywood.

Tony Lee looks into the results of the recent Gallup poll of Hispanics and finds a disparity between first and second generation Hispanics. Guess which one is more liberal?

The lawyers are arming themselves for post-election fights. I hope the Republicans are ready for this.

Democrats are getting scared that the GOP is going to have more money in this election than the Democrats. Their panic explains all the chest-beating about Citizens United. They didn't seem concerned about money in politics when Obama swamped McCain in 2008 and when he was the first presidential candidate to reject public financing of his campaign since such financing was implemented. Hypocrites.

For women who are upset that they "can't have it all," guess what? Men can't have it all either. That is what life is about. It's been that way through human history.

This is why tests should be proctored. How are this many kids texting during tests?

Byron York notices that Obama doesn't defend the main reason that he passed Obamacare.

Jonah Goldberg explains why voter apathy isn't a crime. I've always thought that voter apathy is a sign of our society's basic contentment. It is when people are deeply angry that they are more eager to crowd the polls to vote the bums out. Notice that polls of voter enthusiasm usually favor the party out of power.