Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Cruising the Web

Here's a novel idea for increasing voter turnout - abolish the secret ballot and use shame before one's neighbors to force people to come out to vote. Geesh!

There is one document that the House oversight committee has subpoenaed that could well be the smoking-gun determining that the Department of Justice were informed as early as March 2011 that their February 2011 denial that there was any such program involving gunwalking was false. But despite receiving that email in March, they waited until December before withdrawing that false letter.

Some Purdue professors have objected to Mitch Daniels becoming president of the university because of his work as governor to cut spending, oppose affirmative action in college admissions, supporting education vouchers, is skeptical about claims of man-made global warming, and didn't want to fund Planned Parenthood in Indiana. See, only a liberal should be university president.

What has happened to common sense? I had no idea that schools do not allow students to bring sunscreen or applying it at school. Two children suffered severe burns because they were not allowed to put on sunscreen during the school's outdoor field day. Apparently, only California allows students to bring sunscreen to school. Schools and summer camps are so afraid of students having an allergic reaction to the sunscreen and so are willing to trade off the chance for children to get burned or be exposed to more chances for children to later develop skin cancer. We really are living in a bizarro world.

Lost in the coverage of the Arizona ruling yesterday might have been this victory for free speech as the Supreme Court declared that the Citizens United decision applied to state as well as federal law. In other words, they really meant what they said in 2010.

Speculation is rife that the two key opinions in the health care decision will be written by John Roberts and Ruth Bader Ginsburg since they are the two justices left who have written fewer majority opinions in the past month. That makes sense. Of course, we don't know who is writing the majority and who is writing the major dissent. But all we have now is speculation.

Does the First Lady know about this? The Obama campaign is consuming a lot of junk food.

Scott Conroy revisits the history of vice presidential choices and notes that the media usually gets it wrong.

There are no examples of Obama's economic philosophy working.