Friday, June 22, 2012

Cruising the Web

If you have some spare cash lying around, you can bid today on George Washington's personal copy of the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and other key acts of the First Congress in 1789 complete with marginalia in his own hand. How cool is that?

Ah, the existential angst of liberal super PAC donors. Poor dears. No wonder that liberal attacks on conservative super PAC donors are getting more and more hysterical and further and further from reality.

Jonah Goldberg examines the truthiness of Barack Obama. Just like today, in his memoirs we now know that when things didn't go his way he falsely blamed others or racism for not achieving what he wanted.
One pattern holds from beginning to end of the tale: When things go wrong for the young Barack, the truth must be bent to show that it's somebody else's fault. Young Barry Obama had the right stuff as a basketball player but was denied by the smallness of his coach's vision. Older Barack Obama, likewise, has the right stuff, but voters, or the Republicans, or maybe the Europeans, are too small to recognize his greatness. The truth of the matter has nothing to do with it.

Yesterday was another bad day for the SEIU. May their string of bad days continue.

Charles Krauthammer explains why Obama's end-run around the Congress with his suspension of the laws for deportation of illegal immigrants brought here while young. While we might agree with the goal of the action, the President cannot unilaterally suspend enforcement of a law for a broad category of people. This is not prosecutorial discretion since he's exempting an entire class, not individuals. And he is establishing a precedent that would be dangerous if future presidents started suspending enforcement of laws they didn't like. That violates our whole system of checks and balances. I just don't know if there is anyone with standing to challenge such actions. If not, Obama has ripped a tear in the fabric of our nation's constitutional foundation.

The Washington Post gives Obama's latest ad four Pinnochios. He was not a corporate raider. Two of their examples of Romney outsourcing jobs stem from decisions made after he'd stepped down from Bain to manage the Olympics. The remaining example is from a company that closed a plant in California and moved the jobs to other states. The claims about his outsourcing jobs as governor are equally bogus. Without lies, the Obama campaign would have little to say. That should tell us something.

Labor is shifting to a new tactic in this election. Instead of focusing on paid advertising, they're going to try person-to-person conversations.

The Washington Post hems and haws but comes down on the side that the House is entitled to see the documents that the administration is hiding from them in the Fast and Furious operation and Holder's testimony to Congress. They accept whole that it was just a bureaucratic mix-up that led the DOJ to issue a letter denying that there was any such program as Fast and Furious that they only withdrew after whistleblowers exposed that that was untrue. Should we just accept officials' word for it when they tell something untrue to Congress that it was an honest mistake? Or should Congress have the power to investigate further?

California's high speed rail is dead. And ironically, what killed it were the environmentalist lawsuits challenging its construction. In fact, getting environmental go-aheads for projects can take an average of 6.1 years. Hey, I thought that government was the things we do together - grand things like the Hoover Dam and Transcontinental Railroad. Isn't that what Obama keeps telling us? I guess the environmentalists just didn't get the message.

Jeffrey Goldberg attends a Springsteen concert with Chris Christie. It's an unrequited love affair. Goldberg engages Christie in an imaginary debate with Springsteen on economic policy. You can also listen to Chris Christie's favorite Bruce Springsteen tunes.

Here's an example of the idiocy that some universities descend to in their seemingly never-ending efforts to denigrate whites and raise racial consciousness.

Barack Obama saw his short stint working for a business helping other businesses who wanted to invest overseas as working for the enemy. Has his attitude towards business changed in 20 years?

Bjorn Lomborg chides the United Nations elites for focusing on global warming instead of air and water pollution which are killing millions of people today. Global warming is, pardon the term, cooler than focusing on cleaning up dirty water that people are drinking and dying from today.
It's the height of arrogance to think that Third World countries should use weak and expensive technologies just to make some in the West feel good. In essence, the global elite is telling coughing Third World people sitting in their dark hovels: "Get a solar panel." That's akin to telling people suffering from water pollution to drink Perrier. Or indeed, to suggest that breadless people should eat cake.

There are real and often overlooked environmental problems to be tackled. We need to talk less about ineffective, "feel-good" solutions to global warming and more about smart fixes to air and water pollution. We need to take back our environmental summits from the well-meaning glitterati and do what works.
Alas, that just doesn't seem as hip to our global elites.

Ed Krayewski at Reason points to "Four positions Obama supporters attribute to the President that he doesn't actually hold."

Robert Tracinski explains how Obamanomics has crossed the Thatcher Line: "the point at which the burden of government begins to overwhelm the ability of the private sector to pay for it."

Southern Pennsylvania is the Silicon Valley of convenience stores. And Wawa is at the forefront so even if Mitt Romney hadn't been using Wawa to make a larger point about private enterprise compared to government work, Andrea Mitchell was still the one out of touch. Such touch-screen ordering devices are only in about 1% of convenience stores. This whole episode has been very good publicity for Wawa.

The SEIU comes out against workers receiving higher wages. No kidding.

Another four Pinnochios for the Obama campaign.

Which college's former players now in the NBA chalked up the most minutes of playing time in the NBA this past season? Duke.