Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Cruising the Web

Mark Steyn ponders the earthly woes that are growing and how Obama's rhetoric just doesn't match up. Obama might call for us to work together to build a new Hoover Dam or transcontinental railroad but we know that we never would do that again today because environmentalists would quickly put a stop to that.

Niall Ferguson tells young people that they should welcome the sort of austerity measures that Tea Party advocates are calling for.

James Taranto pokes holes in all those in the media who are defending Obama by saying that it is just too hard to govern the country these days. They were saying the same thing in 1980.

The Milwaukee school district would be doing a lot better now if they'd gone along with the Walker reforms. But now they are set to lose as many as 300 teaching positions.

Senator Chuck Schumer is running around trying to convince Wall Street executives that they should show some love and money to the Democratic Party and ignore all the demonizing that the Democrats have been doing of Wall Street.

One organization that the Democrats can perhaps depend on is Bain Capital which has given 69% of its campaign donations to Democrats in the past decade.

Sean Trende puzzles over the political consequences from Obama's executive action on immigration. Harry J. Enten makes much the same point.

Are liberals the new squares and libertarians the new cool guys?

Is John Kerry really the best the Obama could get to play Mitt Romney in debates? Yeah, he's a rich guy from Massachusetts, but he's just not the smartest knife in the drawer. He has this great reputation as a debater, but he's also the guy that got smoked by the supposedly dumb George W. Bush.

Welcome aboard! Former democratic congressman Artur Davis said that looking at Republican governors like Chris Christie and Bobby Jindal was part of the reason why he changed parties.

58% of undergraduate students from the 2010-2011 year received Pell grants which are meant to go to students from low income families.

More dishonesty from North Carolina governor Bev Perdue's administration.

Switching to be a right-to-work state helped Indiana pull in a new employer.

Yup. Government subsidies of "clean energy" is just wasting money.

It wasn't an Obamacare decisions, but the Supreme Court did deal the Obama administration another setback.

Guess what. It does pay for businesses to spend money on politics. Perhaps if government weren't involved in so much, businesses wouldn't have to be so involved in politics.

Tens of thousands of people are starving in the Horn of Africa and hundreds of thousands of people in Syria are at risk of starvation. So guess which country the U.N. Human Rights Council is investigating for hunger conditions? Canada. Of course the UN Human Rights Council investigator is some guy who has praised Syria's experience in feeding its people.

Dumb Claire McCaskill tries to argue that the Senate has already passed a budget. Oops.

Here's the story of Ann Romney's fight with MS and the role that horseback riding played in her recovery. Of course, this doesn't stop Lawrence O'Donnell from making fun of her.