Monday, June 18, 2012

Cruising the Web

North Carolina is really rolling out the welcome mat for the Democrats and their convention. They're working to suspend the laws banning the sale of alcohol in state-owned liquor stores on Sundays and holidays in the Charlotte area for the Labor Day weekend. Whoosh! I bet that's a relief for convention-goers.

A good question: "Why is the government now investigating a leak it probably knew about?" David Sanger, who wrote the story about the cyberwarfare aimed at Iran admits that he had been working a year on the story and went to the administration to tell them what he had. They didn't ask him not to publish the story. Why not? And why call in an FBI investigation after the fact instead of when they first realized all the information Sanger had gathered?

Byron York notices how Obama seems to ignore the first year he served as president. He keeps referring to the last 27 months, instead of the last 40 months that he has been president. They hope that people are forgetting that they originally claimed that Obamacare would work as a jobs bill and create, as Nancy Pelosi said in February 2010 "four hundred thousand jobs almost immediately." Oops. No wonder he would like to erase that first year from people's memories.

For some reason the administration would like to cast the post-World War II era as the golden age of the American economy. They just ignore all the unique historical facts that created the American economic boom. We no longer have a war with America's competitors in ruins. And the labor force was totally different with fewer workers due to wartime casualties and a baby bust during the Great Depression. This was an era when women weren't working and blacks were limited in the jobs they could get. As James Pethokoukis writes,
Demographics, technology and globalization — has Obama noticed how any of these have changed over the past half century? It was hard to tell from that Ohio speech. Instead of modernizing the American social insurance system, regulatory regime and tax code to shift the Welfare State into an Innovation State, the president seems to be doubling down on an obsolete economic model where growth is driven by expanding public sector union employment and a clean-energy version of industrial policy.

Looking backward — and drawing the wrong conclusions — is no way to move forward.
Oops. Biden's son forgets that he was speaking in a state with the most unpopular governor in the country, Bev Perdue. I guess that the acorn doesn't fall far from the tree. Whoosh! what a talented family.

The U.N. is working to give authoritarian countries such as China and Russia control over the internet to regulate content.

Our government has gone from being a welfare state to a special interest state.
The growth of government’s size and reach also made feasible a log-rolling coalition of government dependents that is within striking distance of becoming a permanent electoral majority, as described by Cost. Growth also dictates that authority be subdivided and delegated, which creates endless opportunities for capture of small but powerful bits and pieces.

As noted at the start, a democratic republic can survive and flourish as a welfare state, one in which a reasonable majority of citizens votes to provide protection against a selected set of risks and to pay for it. Conflicts will occur over the specific boundaries and burdens, but these are incidental.

But a democratic republic cannot long survive as a special interest state. The destruction of economic value is too complete, as interests channel the money into unproductive uses—housing and education bubbles; alternative energy; battalions of compliance officers; a ruling class that depends on the iron rice bowl of the government giving its members jobs telling the masses what to do.
So true. This is what has happened in many states already such as California and Illinois. And if we continue on the road that Obama has put us on, soon that is where we'll be as a nation. Read the rest of James V. DeLong's essay on what he calls Big SIS - the special interest state.

Victor Davis Hanson explains why "Securitygate" or the scandal over leaked security information is such a dangerous threat to our country.

Will Iowa be the key swing state?

Maybe we shouldn't reelect any presidents given the pattern of second-term scandals.

If Jon Stewart keeps earning at the pace he's earning now, he'd be richer than Mitt Romney when he reaches Romney's age today. Remember that as you listen to Stewart's rich-man jokes about Romney.

Here's a clip and save column: Robert Samuelson explains why Obamacare is such terrible policy. It makes health care worse while doing nothing to control costs.