Friday, June 15, 2012

Cruising the Web

Bobby Jindal nails it when he discusses contrasting models of leadership as demonstrated by Wisconsin.
There is a lesson about leadership in here. Scott Walker was faced with some tough choices, and he did not shrink from them. He stood tall, he took decisive action, and his state is better off for it. Scott was not lacking in courage. The President, however, he shrunk from the challenge, he elected to stay away for fear of losing. This is not what leaders do. The President would have done well to show the courage to engage in the fight. He did not. Again…there is a lesson in leadership here. Leaders do not run from a fight.
And Jindal calls out Obama's presidency. It's both liberal and incompetent. Not a pretty combination.

Is this the goal the environmentalists sought: since the XL Pipeline hasn't been approved, Canada is moving ahead on selling its tar-sands oil to China.

Poor Sally Quinn, she's had to give up on her "cargo cult" belief in the power of a good Washington dinner to get things done. Now she's reduced to having dinner with her real friends instead of her fake friends. You see the terrible consequences of the end of bipartisanship?'

Obama was so busy getting a photo op of eating dinner with a couple of local barbers and servicemen that he forgot to pay the bill.

Obama's economic reset speech was just a "summer rerun." And he can't even get his complaints in alignment as he praises himself for just what he criticized Bush for doing.

It's rather ironic that the man who campaigned on hope and change now criticizes Republicans for having a message that fits on a bumpersticker.

Remember how LBJ knew he'd lost control of the message on Vietnam when he lost Cronkite. Well, now he's lost Dana Milbank who called his reset speech on the economy, " a falsehood wrapped in a fallacy." As Ed Morrissey points out, if a president is going to have a major address, he better have a good reason - something new to say - or he's going to get pounded. And Obama did after his speech yesterday. Better stick to his rich, celebrity friends.

Clever of President Obama to add in a short stop at the World Trade Center during his "Checks in the City" visit to Sarah Jessica Parker's home so that the taxpayers would have to pay for the trip.

It's a French First Mistress catfight.