Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Cruising the web

Obama argues that GOP cuts could lead to unemployment rates of 25% because that is what is happening in Europe. He just doesn't get it. European countries haven't exercised austerity in the least. They haven't been cutting spending, but raising taxes.

While Chicago engages in the fantasy that it is a "global city," it has been suffering a couple of decades of decay and decline.

While we're on the subject of how blue politics have ruined great stories, learn the moral lessons from Detroit's collapse.

In New York, it's a blue on blue civil war between the public sector and private sector unions. And the pendulum is swinging against the public sector unions.

Germany recently increased its retirement age to 67 while France is lowering theirs to 60. In Greece, How long will Germans be willing to work longer so that they can fund other Europeans who are retiring sooner? As Robert Samuelson explains, Germany is just not big enough to bail out the entire Eurozone.

George Will covers the higher education bubble.

Why do people get all worked up about the Palestinians not being members of the UN, but they don't care about how Taiwan is treated? Well, we all know the answer, don't we?

Obama's so-called denial of White House leaks on national security was a "pregnant denial." How does he know? What sort of investigation has he conducted?

What is it about Columbia University and Middle Eastern despots? You can add in Vogue Magazine.

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has for years had phony courses in the Afro-American Studies Department where athletes, mostly from the football team, could get passing grades without having to go to any classes. The more they investigate what was going on, the sketchier it gets. And what do you bet that this is going on around the country with athletes?

Illinois's fiscal crisis is shutting down businesses and non-profits because the state government hasn't been paying its bills. Doug Ross writes,
But remember, folks: Democrats are for the little people. You know, the 99 percent.

Ah, this is how Elizabeth Warren relates to the little people: she said that her family regarded themselves as part of the middle class because they used "good English" and didn't say "ain't."

President Obama's worst surrogate: it's a tough competition, but we have a winner.

Before we get all excited about renewing calls for Hillary for President, ask yourself what her achievements have been as Secretary of State.

John Podhoretz points out
that the bias in media coverage of Bush and Obama scandals lies in the lack of the drumbeat.

Mark Hyman explores the hypocritical political correctness behind which names the NCAA will accept for teams and which are deemed so offensive they cannot be allowed. Some groups can't be named by plenty of others are perfectly fine.
Illustrating the college sports governing body's hypocrisy in this matter are the scores of schools among the NCAA's more than 1,200 members that have mascots, logos, and nicknames that identify with race, ethnicity, or culture that the NCAA has deemed acceptable. These nicknames include: Aggies, Aztec, Braves, Cavaliers, Colonials, Cornhuskers, Cowboys, Crusaders, Diplomats, Dons, Dutch, Dutchmen, Flying Dutchmen, Engineers, Fightin' Engineers, Fighting Irish, 49ers, Friars, Gaels, Gauchos, Generals, Highlanders, Indians, Jaspers, Knights, Leathernecks, Lumberjacks, Miners, Missionaries, Monks, Muleriders, Norse, Ole Miss Rebels, Oilers, Orediggers, Paladins, Pilgrims, Pioneers, Poets, Quakers, Ragin' Cajuns, Railsplitters, Rebels, Redmen, Rivermen, Saints, Savages, Saxons, Scots, Fighting Scots, Sooners, Spartans, Texans, Tribe, Trojans, Vikings, Warriors and Yeomen.