Monday, June 11, 2012

Cruising the Web

News flash - the only way that the Citizens United decision helped in the Wisconsin recall race was to allow labor unions to spend millions to try to unseat Scott Walker. And that is the way it is likely to work out in the general election also since corporations tend to split their money somewhat evenly between the parties. What helped Scott Walker was a state law that allowed politicians facing recalls to avoid the usual donation limits. His opponents knew about that law going in but figured that they could get enough labor money to offset that advantage. They were wrong about that, just as they were wrong about so much in their fury over Wisconsin limiting public employee unions.

Catholic Schools are starting to make a bit of a comeback
, often driven by voucher programs.

For us to believe that the White House isn't leaking classified information, we would have to believe that the reporters writing up these stories are lying about how they are characterizing their sources. It's as simple as that. And Obama's non-denial denial phrasing to say that the "notion that my White House would purposely release classified national security information is offensive" and "wrong" isn't enough to contain the answers when the stories refer to the president's "current and former advisers." Why would Defense Secretary Robert Gates tell the White House national security adviser to "Shut the f*** up" if he didn't believe that the White House was the source of leaks.

What we need now is for
CIA Director Gen. David Petraeus and Defense Secretary Leon Panetta to testify in closed hearings to the House and Senate intelligence committees to give their assessment of the damage of these leaks to national security.

Hmm. Will the Scooter Libby rules apply to the Obama administration?

Obama is our celebrity president. It makes that 2008 McCain ad quite prescient. Think of how apt this ad would be today.

Obama doesn't seem to like it when liberal activists use the same tactics against him that he once advocated.

Contrary to his own self-description, Obama is no LeBron baby.

A vote for common sense
by the UCLA faculty. They just overwhelmingly voted down a proposed requirement for every student to have to take a course in "community and conflict" for which most of the courses would come from the "studies" departments such as the African American Studies, Chicano Studies, Asian American Studies, Labor and Workplace Studies, American Indian Studies departments. Perhaps the faculty in the rest of those departments realize how academically weak those departments are.

Perhaps this is why San Jose voters voted to limit retirement benefits for municipal workers.
San Jose's pension payments jumped from $73 million in 2001 to $245 million this year, or 27 percent of its operating budget. Four libraries and a police station that were built over the past decade have never even opened because the city cannot afford to operate them. The city of 960,000 cut its workforce 27 percent over the past 10 years.
Now we'll have to see if the courts will recognize the dire straits the governments are in as a result of out-of-control promised pension benefits.

Politico covers the advantage
that the Obama campaign has in data collection. We'll have to see if the ability to tweet and send emails to followers will translate into actual vote supremacy.

A nugget about Obama
that explains a lot about his approach to foreign policy.

Ah, HUD is spending money to teach grant recipients how to spend money already have.

Even ABC is struck by Obama's very bad, no good, horrible week.

If we're going to focus on Romney's private-sector record, how about looking how Barack Obama rose to prominence in Chicago in the midst of the run-up to Chicago's housing scandal.