Thursday, June 07, 2012

Cruising the Web

Here are two takes on what went wrong with the exit polls. Jon Cohen at The Fix explains how they're being used improperly. And, of course, there is the problem of not including absentee voters. Jay Cost looks at what was missing from the question on whom voters would vote for in the presidential contest. Sean Trend has a typically intelligent analysis.

Conn Carroll demonstrates that, contrary to what some liberal analysts have claimed, the Citizens United decision had zero impact on the Wisconsin recall race.

We are increasingly becoming a country of two camps: those who are willing to face fiscal reality and those who aren't.

There is a clear difference
between the jobs created under Mitt Romney and those under Barack Obama. The only way to find an advantage for Obama is to lie.

What we saw on MSNBC, heard from liberal pundits, and read from David Axelrod's tweet, the Democrats are believing their own hype.

The President and his supporters won't be able to learn from their mistakes because they're still deceiving themselves as the look for excuses why Obama's presidency hasn't been successful or popular.

Charles Lane wonders
if any of Scott Walker's foes will apologize for their hyperbolic rhetoric. Don't hold your breath. And he excoriates them for their whining about Scott Walker raising money from out-of-state contributors.
Of all the excuses being offered today, this is the most pathetic. Of course Walker exploited existing state campaign-finance law to raise as much money as possible wherever he could. What the heck did his opponents expect him to do? Unilaterally disarm?

The unions and Wisconsin Democrats knew the rules. If they didn’t want Walker to bring a financial gun to their knife fight, they shouldn’t have started it in the first place.

But Walker’s critics were right about one thing: democracy was at issue in this struggle. What they got wrong is which side was actually upholding democratic values....

In short, government in Wisconsin is now not only sounder fiscally than it was pre-Walker, but also more accountable and transparent. Politicians can use resources for parks, libraries, schools and roads instead of perks for politically connected unions.

The progressives who are mourning Walker’s win should be celebrating instead.
And all that whining about how much Republicans spent in Wisconsin ignores the many millions that labor unions spent there.

Classy, President Obama, classy.

France will get what they wanted now that Fran├žois Hollande has moved to roll France's retirement age back from 62 to 60. Now they'll reap the whirlwind. And they provide an example for Americans to seek to avoid.

Check out the map of the U.S. by electoral vote and by unemployment numbers.

It's rather creepy the way that President Obama keeps referring to "my sons." I think he envisions himself as the parent to us all. Creepy.