Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Cruising the Web

Robert Barro examines the reasons why the recovery from this recession has been so much weaker than all other recessions since the Great Depression. He notes the disincentives to working that the Obama policies have put in place.

Apparently, the newest hunk out there is Alexander Hamilton. Ron Chernow, his biographer, says that Hamilton "was the Elvis Presley of his time."

In Washington-speak "compromise" translates as Republicans voting for Democratic policies. As Jonah Goldberg writes,
But you can be sure of one thing. If Republicans take over the White House and the Congress and start cutting, the same voices now championing compromise as a virtue in itself will be applauding the principled idealism of Democrats who refuse to compromise.
And all those calls to end the filibuster will suddenly cease.

How many excuses will Obama's supporters come up with for his failed economic policies? Sure there have been bad economic events that he had no control over such as the tsunami and Europe's woes. But there are always going to be world events that impact our country's economy. Did Obama's economic advisers never consider that there might be events around the world that would affect our economy or were they just thinking that their plan would be implemented in an environment of experimental purity?

The Obama campaign spin on the tightening numbers is annoying even liberal supporters.

Don't be fooled - the Democrats' Paycheck Fairness Act has nothing to do with mandating equal pay between women and men. That has been mandated since 1963 and the Democrats passed another such bill with the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act in 2009. The only purpose of this present bill is not to be passed, but to have a talking point to use against Republicans. And if it were to be passed, the real beneficiaries would be trial lawyers. What do you think would be the effect on employment if this monstrosity were to pass?

John Fund examines the lessons if Scott Walker wins today. Only good things.

Does Obama think that anyone will be fooled into thinking his tweet last night in support of Tom Barrett in Wisconsin is going to make any difference there? He wouldn't stop in the state even when he was flying around the area to fundraisers in Minnesota and Illinois and now all he can do is tweet that he's standing by Barrett?! Lame.

Jay Cost explains why the election in Wisconsin matters. So does the WSJ. Steven Greenhut explains why real progressives should support Walker.

Jim Geraghty wonders if Obama knows how much he's spending of either the taxpayers' money or his own.

Tom Harkin is proposing a bill that will end up putting waiters and waitresses out of work.