Monday, June 04, 2012

Cruising the Web

The Obamanians are so nostalgic for 2008 that they wish they could run against McCain again forgetting all the vitriol they launched against him in that election.

Think of what Obama's avoidance of Wisconsin
as the vote comes down to the final moments says of both Obama and the results of Scott Walker's reforms.

The unions and Democrats are using a particularly smarmy tactic in Wisconsin.

Michael Goodwin is rightfully appalled at the national security leaks coming out of this White House.
Panic is never pretty. When it involves a politician scrambling desperately to stay afloat, it is ugly. When it involves a president of the United States trading national-security secrets for political gain, it is obscene.

Twice last week, The New York Times published insider accounts of Obama-administration decisions. One involved “kill lists” of terrorists targeted by drones. The other described cyberwarfare attacks against Iran.

The articles revealed details of top-level meetings and quoted the president’s comments. They were so gushingly favorable to him that it’s clear they were based on authorized leaks by the White House designed to make Obama look tough against terror. Flattery was part of the bargain.

So we learned the president insists on giving final approval to each target, a “grim debating society” that tests his “principles.” We learned he “is a student of writings on war by Augustine and Thomas Aquinas” and follows the “just war theories of Christian philosophers.” Adviser John Brennan, described as a “grizzled” son of Irish immigrants, is compared “to a priest whose blessing has become indispensable” to Obama.

Naturally, campaign guru David Axelrod attends these “Terror Tuesday” meetings. Not that politics is involved, of course.

This is more than an unseemly spiking of the football. This is reckless politicking that reflects an his “anything goes” approach to November: Nothing is sacred except four more years.

The Times also outed Israel as our partner in launching the Stuxnet virus against Iran’s nuclear computers. While the United States and Israel were long suspected, the article shredded any deniability.

The Allies broke German military codes in World War II, but it remained secret until the 1970s. Now our president leaks secrets in real time.
This leaking is part of a trend from this White House. They're willing to see huge cuts in security spending and they're also willing to give away advantages we may have in security in order to make their guy look more macho.

John Ellis highlights the importance of the margin of the vote in Wisconsin tomorrow.

One liberal asks "exactly who died and made Bill Clinton king?" You guys did.
Hey, maybe there are lessons to be learned from our stalled economy. If only the liberals would learn those lessons.
Mr. Obama has had the freest run of policy of any President since LBJ. So maybe the problem is the policies.

Maybe Milton Friedman was right that "temporary, targeted" tax cuts don't change the incentives to invest or hire because people aren't stupid. Maybe each $1 of new federal spending doesn't produce a "multiplier" of 1.5 times that in added output. Maybe the historic burst of regulation of the last three years has harmed business confidence and job creation. And maybe the uncertainty that comes from helter-skelter fiscal and monetary policy has dampened the animal spirits needed for a durable expansion.
Instead they just cry for more, more, more of the same. Isn't that Einstein's definition of insanity?

Obama's snub of Lech Walesa says much about him.

The Washington Post asks if Romney's religion is fair game. The Romney campaign has a simple test to answer that question - would the media have written the same thing about a Jewish candidate? I'd add in - a Muslim candidate. Enough said.

Victor Davis Hanson notes the differences
between cultures that are still the foundations for differences in governments.