Wednesday, May 09, 2012

You think that Obama doesn't have problem with some voters?

Note this result from the Democratic primary in West Virginia. Barack Obama received 59.4% of the Democratic vote and his opponent received 40.6%. So who is this opponent who got over 72,000 votes? His name is Keith Judd and he ran from prison in Texas where he is serving a 17.5 year sentence for extortion. He's even going to have at least one delegate.

I guess Obama's energy and other policies don't play that well in West Virginia if 40% of Democrats don't want him and prefer to vote for a guy sitting in federal prison.

As Josh Kraushaar writes for the National Journal, you can tell that the Obama team is concerned despite all their braggadocio as they convinced Mark Halperin to write a couple of days ago..
Actions speak louder than spin, and the moves of Obama’s campaign officials this past week indicate they are awfully worried about their prospects. The most recent telltale sign is that they went up with an early, expensive $25 million ad buy on Monday in nine swing states, attempting to reintroduce the president in the best possible way. This was no rinky-dink purchase; it cost nearly one-quarter of the Obama campaign’s war chest of $104 million at the beginning of April. Going up with such a significant buy so early is the equivalent of abandoning the running game in football when your team is down by a couple of touchdowns.
And what is the message they're trying to sell in this huge ad purchase in swing states? They're trying to sell an "almost morning in America" message that America is "coming back." But polls show that most people don't buy the idea that we're "coming back." It's going to be hard to convince people that things are better than they sense they are.
But Obama’s campaign officials can’t utilize the time-tested “are you better than you were four years ago” message because it doesn’t ring true, so they have to argue things are getting a little better and the administration needs more time. It shows how limited the Obama playbook is this time around—mobilize the base, lambaste the opposition, and hope enough independents will hold their nose and vote for you.
They don't have a positive message and Obama's been below 50% in job approval for a couple of years. No wonder that he has to lie to college students and women about what Republicans want to do. That's all he has left.

UPDATE: I just saw this - about one-fifth of the voters in the Democratic primary in my state yesterday voted for "No Preference." People talk about how Romney has neglected to cement his base, but it seems that Obama is having similar problems.