Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Obama's contempt for voters

Not only does Obama think voters are so stupid and uninformed that they'll swallow his garbage about how the government and the internet are responsible for the success of Microsoft or how Mitt Romney is responsible for the failure of a company that closed in the midst of a national decline in steel production two years after Romney left the company, now Obama is back to calling Americans bigots. He went on The View and said that his reelection will be tough this year because his name is Barack Hussein Obama.

Hello?! Did he happen to forget that Americans were able to get over his name four years ago when they elected him president? Did the past four years lead to more bigotry? I thought he was the post-racial guy, but we've seen how he'll resort to dog whistle calls to imply that anyone who opposes him is a bigot. And now he has his own ready-made excuse that he's been trotting out for years - that the only reason someone could oppose him is due to his name.

Please. He's no longer the tapestry onto which people could write their hope and dreams. He now has a record and that record is not one with which the majority of Americans are impressed. If he faces a tough reelection battle, it will be due, more than anything, to the policy choices that he has made since he was elected. And perhaps his whole shtick of pretending to be so much better than the people in this country has just worn out its welcome.