Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Obama's contempt for voters

Not only does Obama think voters are so stupid and uninformed that they'll swallow his garbage about how the government and the internet are responsible for the success of Microsoft or how Mitt Romney is responsible for the failure of a company that closed in the midst of a national decline in steel production two years after Romney left the company, now Obama is back to calling Americans bigots. He went on The View and said that his reelection will be tough this year because his name is Barack Hussein Obama.

Hello?! Did he happen to forget that Americans were able to get over his name four years ago when they elected him president? Did the past four years lead to more bigotry? I thought he was the post-racial guy, but we've seen how he'll resort to dog whistle calls to imply that anyone who opposes him is a bigot. And now he has his own ready-made excuse that he's been trotting out for years - that the only reason someone could oppose him is due to his name.

Please. He's no longer the tapestry onto which people could write their hope and dreams. He now has a record and that record is not one with which the majority of Americans are impressed. If he faces a tough reelection battle, it will be due, more than anything, to the policy choices that he has made since he was elected. And perhaps his whole shtick of pretending to be so much better than the people in this country has just worn out its welcome.


Rick Caird said...

"He's no longer the tapestry onto which people could write their hope and dreams. He now has a record"

True that. This is the first time Obama has had a record to defend. "Hope and Change" are ineffective when you have to defend the last "hope and change".

Joanie C. said...

Betsy, Personally, I think Obama is warmed over Bush, and don't like the guy. But I have to disagree with your post. The right wing noise machine has spent the last four years telling all the yahoos that he is Muslim, a terrorist, a Socialist, and much more. And guys like Rush regularly use that middle name. They know what they are doing--stirring up the passions of the ignorant. Obama is right.

mark said...

I guess if you ignore the birthers (which include elected officials), ignore an increase in the number of voters who think Obama is a Muslim, and ignore the racists driving around with "Don't Re-Nig" bumper stickers, Betsy's post makes a lot of sense.

Stu said...

I guess if you ignore the longest period of 8% or higher unemployment since the Great Depression, ignore gas prices which have doubled on his watch, ignore the national debt which has increased $5 trillion on his watch, ignore an economy that continues to drag along and has not been helped by his or his party's policies, ignore a healthcare law this country didn't want and still hates today, ignore 9-11 truthers and Mao admirers in his own administration...then yes. It's all about RAAACCE!!

equitus said...

It's quite easy to ignore birthers and racists because I seldom ever encounter any - except as obsessively depicted by the likes of mark and MMFA.

These subjects are entirely inconsequential, practically invisible, and there is so much substantial stuff to oppose Obama on.

Keep on making sense, Betsy.

Joanie C. said...

Yes, there is plenty of substantial stuff to oppose Obama on. Mostly, he is following the G.W. Bush corporate playbook. He ought to have taken a sharp left turn and gotten us out of the mess Bush got us in, but instead brought in guys like larry Summers and Tim Geithner--guys who helped cause the mess.

But the right wing noise machine will not criticize him on the legitimate issues, because they really agree with his policies. So they make up nonsense about him being a Socialist, Muslim...etc. etc.

mark said...

"It's quite easy to ignore birthers and racists because I seldom ever encounter any"

What a cowardly, craven statement, equitus. You have no problem commenting and criticizing dems and liberals, but you ignore racism because it doesn't affect you personally.

Stu said...

"So they make up nonsense about him being a Socialist, Muslim...etc. etc"

Really Joanie? Looks like somebody "made up nonsense" that he was born in Kenya...a "mistake" not corrected until he began his run at the presidency...SMH

mark said...

Really, Stu? The whole "Obama is socialist, Muslim born in Kenya" is due to an innocent error by an editor?

"This was nothing more than a fact checking error by me--an agency assistant at the time," Goderich wrote in an emailed statement to Yahoo News. "There was never any information given to us by Obama in any of his correspondence or other communications suggesting in any way that he was born in Kenya and not Hawaii. I hope you can communicate to your readers that this was a simple mistake and nothing more."
Don't blame stupidity and racism on a fact-checking error. Hard to say whose comment is more moronic and cowardly: yours or equitus' 'I just ignore racism' disgrace.

Dr Weevil said...

Odds are at least 30-1 that 'mark' has never seen the offensive bumper sticker he quotes except on the web. I work in a county that is 98% white, that voted 71% for McCain, and that has a (small and unobtrusive) chapter (or whatever they call it) of the Ku Klux Klan, off in the corner of the county where most of the meth labs are located. I've seen a lot of anti-Obama bumper stickers around here, and a lot of Confederate flags on pickup trucks, and a lot of offensive bumper stickers, but nothing even half as offensive as the one 'mark' quotes - at least none of the anti-Obama ones. I wonder where 'mark' saw it.

mark said...

Don't let a little effort stop you from seeking the truth, weevil. Here's a start;

Of course, the morons who created and defended the sticker could have been "agent provocateurs". I know how you love your conspiracy theories. Then again, perhaps you're a "double-agent provocateur" just trying to embarrass intelligent conservatives.

Dr Weevil said...

The truth seems to be exactly what I suggested: that 'mark' has never seen this bumper sticker except on the web, though he doesn't have the grace to admit that in so many words.

The truth does not seem to be what 'mark' suggested when he wrote of "the racists [plural] driving around with" the offensive bumper sticker. Snopes specifically says that the image they display (which seems to depict a parked car) has appeared on many sites around the internet, and imply that it is the only such image they've seen. Though more than one site offers the bumper sticker for sale, there is no evidence that more than one person has ever bought one, or that even that one ever drove anywhere with it.

Of course, if 'mark' had done his research, he would have noticed that the Snopes page lists the reality of the bumper sticker as 'Mixed' rather than simply 'True', and that two of the three links they give are dead, and the other second-hand. I don't doubt that the bumper sticker exists, but I suspect it mainly sells to lefties like 'mark' wallowing in their victimhood and using it as a weapon to beat the right with, as 'mark' has done here.

mark said...

Silly weevil.
You acknowledge the sticker exists but "suspect" (no evidence) that liberals are buying it, much the way Pat claimed Larouche supporters were making "all" the Obama-as-Hitler signs at rallies.
Are you sure you're not an "agent provocateur" for the DNC. They should can Hillary Rosen and replace her with you.
Regardless, thanks for not disappointing me.

Dr Weevil said...

Actually, I'm pretty sure that almost no one is buying the sticker. One more time for those who are having trouble with reading comprehension or basic honesty: I have never seen this bumper sticker on a car, I have never seen any of the hundreds of right-wing websites I visit it quote it with approval, 'mark' has never seen it anywhere except in pictures on the web, and he knows that the pictures on the web are almost all multiple copies of a single picture of a parked car. So how can 'mark' write of multiple "racists" shamelessly "driving around with" this bumper sticker when he has no evidence of even one having ever done so?

It's just another pathetic attempt to smear the right, and mark's obvious glee at finding the picture on the web, and the smug satisfaction with which he quotes a message most of us would be ashamed to quote, does indeed suggest that it is the left and only the left that is interested in this bumper sticker. Has 'mark' bought a copy to wave triumphantly at right-wingers? He'd enjoy doing that, I'm sure. What a digusting little man he is.

mark said...

Just a bit of logic to throw on your delusion: If liberals had purchased the stickers to embarrass conservatives, they likely would have stuck them on cars, taken and uploaded the pictures so they'd be more than just the one.

I'm afraid you're going to have to file this away with your blather that the Secret Service left Bush surrounded by children because they were worried that a terrorist - dressed as a janitor or teacher - was lurking in the hallways.