Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Cruising the Web

If you've not been pleased with Obama's first four years, just imagine what he'd do in a second term when he'd be unimpeded by the need to appease the center in order to be reelected.

Jeff Jacoby refutes the storyline of how minorities will now be the majority in the population. It just depends on how you define minority.

Glenn Reynolds has some advice to tame the higher education bubble. Sadly, I'm afraid that nothing will change as long as parents see college as the necessary ticket for their children's successful future. And the colleges help to keep students and parents happy by inflating grades.

Kyle Smith explores all that is wrong with Paul Krugman.

Byron York notes the differences
in how the mainstream media treated a biography of George W. Bush that made damaging allegations and one of Barack Obama that did the same.

Why doesn't HHS try to collect
the hundreds of millions of dollars that they've paid out in overpayments?

The candidate of hope is now the candidate of fear.

Steve Hayes notes that now that Scott Walker seems likely
to win the recall election, the media has lost interest in the race.

How intellectuals do a disservice
to young people by insisting that they should only take jobs that are "meaningful work."

The 17 funniest super PAC names.