Friday, May 25, 2012

Cruising the Web

Obama tried to tell the graduates at Barnard that he shared a lot with them because he left college in 1983 and also faced a bad economy. Except he neglected to tell them that GDP was growing at more than three times what it is now and jobs were increasing at more than twice the monthly rate that they are now. Not so similar.

We're barely a year out from the enactment of Scott Walker's reforms in Wisconsin, but the positive results for his state are already clear. If, as seems likely, he easily survives the recall effort, other governors will have a clear model of results to follow in their own states.

Virginia has a hugely successful high school in Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology. It's one of the best in the country. But now they're facing an investigation as faculty members are complaining that a high number of their freshmen are failing and needing remedial help. The school went away from basing admission on GPA and test scores and went to looking at essays and teacher recommendations. It's an example of, once again, watering down a meritocracy.

Nancy Pelosi has really expanded her definition of the middle class.

Those racist Democrats! They wouldn't even vote for Obama over uncommitted. At least that is the explanation the media prefer to tell themselves. But such self-delusions can be dangerous to the political campaign.

Unleash Biden! Please.

Barack Obama, Vulture Capitalist. And just take a look at Obama's record as a public equity capitalist.

Ah, good times in the Ukrainian parliament.