Friday, May 18, 2012

Cruising the Web

Liberals are planning to blame Bush for deficits through 2019. Nothing that their guy did, apparently, contributed to the deficit.

Ed Driscoll wonders
why the NYT is so confounded by people who didn't seem to understand that, if they borrowed money, they would need to pay it back.

One Comedy Center writer just can't stand it that conservatives are making fun of Obama on Twitter. I guess that is because, gosh darn it, Obama is not to be ridiculed. And so any attempt to do so is, by definition, lame.

Democrats recognize that chances
of unseating Governor Walker in Wisconsin are now a forlorn hope. Now they should answer for how much money the state has had to pay for these recall elections which are just a temper tantrum for Democrats and union workers who just can't believe that Republicans now control the state and are succeeding in turning the state's economy around. Jennifer Rubin looks at how much this has cost Wisconsin.
Wisconsin officials tell me the total cost to state and local government will be $16 million. In a biannual budget of over $60 billion (from June 2011 to June 2013), that doesn’t sound like a lot. But consider this: The average Wisconsin teacher salary is about $52,000. Starting teachers make approximately $32,600. So the amount being spent on the recall could have paid for 307 average teachers or 490 starting teachers.

Charles Krauthammer points out how Obama has boxed himself in by arguing that gay marriage is an equal rights issue. This negates his stated position in his interview last week saying that he wanted to leave the issue up to the states.
Problem is: It’s a howling contradiction to leave up to the states an issue Obama now says is a right. And beyond being intellectually untenable, Obama’s embrace of the more hard-line “rights” argument compels him logically to see believers in traditional marriage as purveyors of bigotry. Not a good place for a president to be in an evenly divided national debate that requires both sides to offer each other a modicum of respect.
I think that this will eventually go to the Supreme Court and will be decided as a rights issue. Does anyone believe that an Obama administration would argue against that position? He's just trying to paper over what he believes for political purposes. I wonder if the issue will come up again, perhaps in the debates, and whether Obama will clarify whether he thinks it's an equal rights issue or an issue best left up to the states. He can't have it both ways.

Kimberley Strassel reports
that, contrary to Obama's campaign, Bain did not treat GS Technologies as a vampire, but spent over $100 million trying to modernize and hold on to the company. Without Bain's intervention, the company would have gone bankrupt much earlier.

James Taranto notes how liberals turn previously liberal beliefs upside down.
Just as those who banish dissent accuse others of being intolerant, those who judge people by their race insist that those who don't are racist. The left has managed to invert just about every liberal value there is.

Should food stamps pay for a $41 dollar ice cream cake?

What are the funniest epitaphs?

Keith Hennessy makes a salient point: government doesn't "give" tax cuts.

The real Palestinian refugee problem - and all those people whose hearts supposedly bleed for those refugees should look to the real culprits. It's the United Nations' fault that there are still refugees so many years after the creation of Israel in 1948.