Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Cruising the web

Hmmm, could it be true that the leak about that underwear bomber revealed last week was really a British-Saudi operation that the CIA hadn't even known about until recently? And what about those allegations that the leak came frohttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gifmhttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gif the Obama administration and that the Brits are furious about how the leak endangered the asset and the investigation?
Here is more evidence of how worthless the United Nations is. Instead of investigating truly devastating conditions of hunger around the world, they're investigating the problem of hunger in...Canada. Yeah, that's the real source of the world's hunger crises.

Here are more of these previously unknown stories of what Mitt Romney has done over his lifetime to help those in need. Though, much to the frustration of some of his supporters, the campaign isn't making use of these stories, perhaps because they're afraid that people would pay attention to the fact that he was helping people in his role as a Mormon leader and that just creeps out too many people. It's a sorry situation we're in where people would reject evidence of someone helping other simply because they were of an unpopular religion. No one would reject similar stories of a Jew or Muslim who helped others; perhaps this will be the year that people will over come their anti-Mormon bigotry.

Here are some questions for Elizabeth Warren. What are the chances that she would answer any of them?
1. Do you favor racial preferences in university hiring and admissions? In the corporate world? In federal contracting? How about in government lending policies?

2. Do you believe that racial preferences cast doubt upon the qualifications of minorities who would have excelled without the extra boost?

3. Who should “count” as a minority for purposes of affirmative action? Anyone with minority roots? Or only those who are one-fourth or one-half minority?

4. Does “diversity” include all minorities? Or only those with left-wing political viewpoints?
And any suspicion that the only reason why Warren is a terrible nominee, don't forget that her research is also quite shoddy, but despite its debunking, has still been the basis of liberal policy proposals.

A federal court has struck down the rule to speed up unions that the Democrats on the NLRB pushed through when they didn't have a quorum. Good.

Sounds like a good rule for Mitt Romney: don't make the mistakes that John McCain made.

Obama might pretend that he's been tough on Wall Street, but don't forget that Jamie Dimon of J.P. Morgan has been one of his biggest supporters.

Common Cause is suing the U.S. Senate to challenge the constitutionality of the filibuster rules. What is there about "Each House may determine the Rules of its Proceedings" mystify Common Cause to think that a rule passed by the Senate for their own operations would be unconstitutional?

Heh, heh. Obama had a fundraiser at the home of a private-equity company, one of the same businesses that the campaign had been smearing as the employer of one of the big donors to Mitt Romney. I guess when someone is a "vulture capital" but donates to Obama, everything is forgiven.

Typical of our federal government: we have 49 separate federal jobs training programs. And the GAO had determined that only five of them have had an impact, and that impact has been "small, inconclusive, or restricted to short-term impacts." But politicians just love funding such programs so they can pretend they're doing something about unemployment.

Now that is stimulus spending! Some of our federal stimulus spending went to the University of California San Francisco to fund studies into erectile dysfunction and accurate reporting of people's sexual history.

Whoosh! Barack Obama is a talented guy. Not only is he our first gay president. He's also the first female president, the first Jewish president, the first Asian-American president, and to top it all off, the first Hispanic President.

The Obama campaign confiscates cell phones at fund-raisers so that people can't take pictures, record, or tweet while they're there. Transparency! I guess they fear having another moment like in 2008 when Obama was caught musing about those poor shlubs voting for Hillary because they were clinging to their guns and their religion.

We're not ready for the coming collapse of union pensions that are set up for a crash since they're severely underfunded.

The GAO puts the lie to Obama's claim that we have only 2% of the world's proven oil reserves. Now it seems that we are capable of outproducing the rest of the world. But not if the present administration stays in power. Steven Hayward call the liberals who ignore this news "hydrocarbon deniers."

So which candidate, Romney or Obama, is more reality-based?