Monday, May 14, 2012

Cruising the Web

Why should barbers have to be licensed? So many occupational license regulations are just methods for those who are in the profession to keep newcomers out. And those who are already employed have their pet politicians to keep their protection. Their defense is ludicrous.
Take the response of the director of a barbering school in Michigan to a different proposal by a state legislator (not included in Mr. Snyder's proposal) to repeal barber licenses: "I'm not saying we are as important as doctors, but we are the closest you can get. We are turning this into the Wild, Wild West. . . . I'd like to see them get a haircut in a barber shop five years from now. It will be like rolling the dice."

The risk of a few bad haircuts seems worth a roll of the dice if the upside is more economic opportunities. But the truth is that consumers are capable of judging the quality of many services for themselves. If lawmakers in Michigan and elsewhere want to help more Americans find jobs, they should start by reducing or removing burdens that do little more than protect some people from competition by keeping others out of work.

Soaking the rich isn't working to balance California's budget. As anyone, but Democrats, might have predicted.
California Controller John Chiang reported last week that April tax collections were a gigantic 20.2%, or $2.44 billion, below 2012-13 budget projections. You have to admire Mr. Chiang's capacity for understatement as he noted that "revenues disappointed." Yes, and J.P. Morgan's whale trade was a $2 billion rounding error.

Among the biggest surprises is a 21.5% or nearly $2 billion decline in personal income tax payments from what Governor Jerry Brown had anticipated. This reinforces the point that when states rely too heavily on the top 1% of taxpayers to pay the bills, fiscal policy is a roller coaster ride.
Of course, Democrats in Washington are ignoring the evidence in front of their faces.

Rudy Giuliani pays tribute to what New York City owes to James Q. Wilson.

George Will explains how government, specifically Obamacare, can tax jobs out of existence.
Given humanity’s fallen condition, almost everyone’s tax policy is: “Don’t tax you, don’t tax me, tax that fellow behind the tree.” There are, however, vulnerable wealth-and-job creating businesses behind most trees.
But so many liberals ignore unintended consequences that interfere with their ideological desire to raise taxes.

The new media has eaten the MSM's lunch on the story of how Elizabeth Warren has deceptively claimed to be a Native American and how Harvard used this lie to trumpet their diversity. And they're still ignoring so many of the details that bloggers have discovered.

Ross Douhat points out
that, while the Obama campaign has successfully diverted the media's attention to "shiny objects" such as a mythical "war on religion" or gay marriage, Obama still hasn't been able to change the foundations of the election race. The result is that "this White House, not for the first time, has mistaken a clever strategy for a winning one."

Matthew Continetti explores how "Obama's carefully cultivated image is coming undone."

The behavior described in the Washington Post story about Romney's bullying in high school was truly odious. However, since when are we going to judge adults by their behavior in high school close to 50 years ago? People change. Better to judge what they did in private as adults. And Paul Mirengoff quotes from a biography of Mitt Romney about Romney the adult and how, without any political fanfare, was out there helping people in his community with his time, effort, and money. Funny that we haven't heard any similar stories about Obama's private efforts as an adult to give of his own time, effort, and money to help others in need rather than to try to get business and government to help people in need.

How come we don't hear the same sort of ridicule of the Democratic left for their embrace of John Edwards that we constantly hear of conservatives for their embrace of Sarah Palin?

How typical that House Democrats have brought in a trainer to help them expand how they use race to demonize conservatives. Michelle Obama doesn't need any lessons; she's already mastered the race-baiting shtick.

The North Carolina Democratic Party is being torn up about whether they should support the state party chairman, David Parker, who resigned over a sex scandal in his office but just resumed that office as the Executive Committee refused to accept his resignation. It's all about how they're going to distribute money amongst themselves. As Parker emerged to be, yet again, the party chairman, he uttered this wonderful statement:"Well you crazy people, is this the Democratic Party or what?" Sounds like a national party motto, doesn't it?