Thursday, May 10, 2012

Cruising the Web

Michael Barone explains why this election will be a long, hard slog despite analyses showing that Obama has this election wrapped up.

The DNC starts a new hashtag, #QuestionsMittLikes and the right hijacks it.

Our presidential narcissists: Clinton and Obama.
And Obama did it again yesterday when he referred to members of the armed forces "out there fighting on my behalf." It's constant solipsism is quite revealing.

Steven Malanga asks an important question
that taxpayers are just waking up to: How much do you owe government workers? Soon states and towns are going to have to massively hike up local taxes in order to fund government pensions. Consider this:
In Chicago, the Civic Federation estimates, the average resident owes nearly $15,000 as a share of the city's share of municipal, county and state pension obligations. Last year the city's former chief financial officer estimated that just adequately funding the municipal pension debt over 25 years could raise property taxes by 50 percent.

If you consider this all speculative and doubt it could happen, think of St. Paul, or of Oakland. Property owners in the California city have been paying a surcharge on taxes for decades to finance a pension system that went bust in the 1970s. The average homeowner today pays $419 in additional taxes to help wind down the system, according to the Oakland Tribune.
Here are ten facts about the felon, Keith Judd, who gave Obama a real run for his money in West Virginia.

Liberals keep advocating government spending to get out of a recession and the evidence keeps disproving their assumptions.

Why has the left abandoned the human rights issue?

Barack Obama's position on gay marriage is the only example of evolutionary progress that was one way in 1996, another way in 2004, and then 'evolved' back to where he was 16 years ago. Strange evolution. Political opportunism seems a better explanation, or as the Washington Free Beacon writes, he went "gay for pay" to appease donors. As David Plotz writes, no one believes that Obama really changed his mind on gay marriage; he just has found the political pressures now support his returning to what he said back in 1996. And as GOProud's Chris Barron says,
"It is good to see that after intense political pressure that President Obama has finally come around to the Dick Cheney position onmarriage equality.

A couple of scary statistics; the number of people with PhD's or master's degrees who are on food stamps has tripled in the past two years. And 70% of the faculties in universities are in non-tenure track positions.

More allegations of corruption against Kwame Kilpatratick.