Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Cruising the Web

Now liberals are threatening that Medicare payments wouldn't go out if Obamacare is struck down. Is there anything they won't sink to do?

John Hinderaker notes the only case
of voter fraud that Democrats are interested in prosecuting.

Another consequence of Hollande's election - more Jews seek to emigrate to Israel.

As long as we're trying KSM and other terrorists, can't Eric Holder and Barack Obama stand up for American principles?
At some point, the prosecution has to start treating this like the Nuremberg tribunal—as an opportunity to re-educate the world about what the terrorists did and why they are on trial. Among other things, KSM conspired to hijack airplanes and fly them into office towers to slaughter 3,000 Americans, most of them innocent civilians. That's the "torture" General Martins should focus on.

Let's stop this myth that France was undergoing austerity measures that voters were revolting against. Veronique de Rugy illustrates that spending in European countries hasn't been cut since 2008. The most we've seen is a leveling off of the increase in spending.

Obama's cuts in the Defense Department spending doesn't extend to cutting the civilian workforce in the Department.

Who elected the Occupy movement as representatives of the 99 percent and why should others have to pay for their vandalism and violence?

Is anyone really fooled by Obama's "wide stance" on gay marriage? Does the Obama waffling hurt their attempts to show Romney as "an inauthentic calculating politician? Is Obama the best exemplar of an authentic non-calculating guy?


Rick Caird said...

All this talk about "austerity" is disgusting. There has been no austerity anywhere. But, even more, living within your means is not "austerity". One of the things I like about de Rugy is she gets to the heart of the matter in quite simple terms. The term "austerity" is designed, not to convey information, but rather to set the narrative the big government, big state, borrow and spend types want.

The elections in Greece and France this weekend provide the setting for driving off the cliff. Bankruptcy will come when no one will lend to those governments any more. At that point, there will be sovereign default and an absolute requirement for governments to live within their revenue. Maybe then, we can finally drive a stake through the heart of Keynesian Economics and consign Keynes to the same dust heap of history were we have consigned Marx.

It will be tough on the academic economists like Krugman and DeLong, but it is guys like them who have given the politicians cover to bury our economies in debt. Maybe they will be broke, too.

equitus said...

Obama's position on gay marriage is proof to me that the virtually the entire left accepts and condones lying and cheating if it serves there political ends. (Either that or they are certifiably delusional)

Sort of taqiyya.

equitus said...

Once again, failed to proof read.

mark said...

If only it were your inability to spell. Let's all play "mind-readers" (sorry, tfhr) and stipulate that Obama is no longer evolving on gay marriage. Many are pressuring him to announce his "evolution". Many are okay with him playing politics in an attempt to get swing states like NC and VA. Both sides play politics with issues.
A blatant lie would be Romney taking a shred of credit for the auto bailout.
A year after blasting Romney here and saying he was unacceptable (back when you assumed someone else would step in), I presume many of you will flip and vote for him. Does that make you all liars?

equitus said...

Once again, mark fails to understand and then goes into taqiyya mode. Understandable, given the political culture he inhabits.

I made it very clear in my comments on Romney months ago that I wouldn't vote for him in the primary for many reasons - yet if he won I'd be behind him 100% and work to get him elected. I've heard the same from many like-minded folks.

Of course, mark's claim that I said "he was unacceptable" doesn't make him a liar. He was "made" such long ago.