Thursday, May 03, 2012

Cruising the Web

Daniel Henninger explains why only those young people who plan on joining unions would benefit from another four years of Obamanian economics which leads to slow economic growth and high unemployment for college graduates. If their ambition goes beyond being a union lifer, they should rethink their support for young people.

Larry Sabato looks at suggested slogans for Mitt Romney. It seems that Romney's new slogan was also used in "The Godfather."

Of those 30 Democrats who won formerly GOP House seats in 2006, only seven remain in office. Many of those 2006 winners were moderate Democrats who were able to appeal to voters in these swing districts and then lost those voters after they supported Obamacare.

Never underestimate the Obama team's ability to overdo anything. It's an acute observation.

Jim Treacher observes: "Obama inherited everything from George Bush (except the intelligence network that tracked down Bin Laden)" An apt observation, isn't it?

Obama likes to talk about the need for civility. He just doesn't like to practice it.

Looking at Obama's unusual cabinet secretaries.
The common theme with these cabinet secretaries is loud, uninformed rhetoric; a lack of practical experience; a certain utopian zealotry — and an expectation that there are rules for government grandees and quite different ones for the rest of us.
Elizabeth Warren has the lamest excuse for why she listed herself as a Native American in the legal directory - she wanted to meet up with people who are like she is. I guess she was hoping to go to a luncheon with other people who were 1/32 Native Americans. But she just never got around to joining up with actual Native American groups to meet up with her supposed peers.

George Will has a beautiful tribute
to his oldest son, Jon, who was born with Down syndrome.

Here's a fun "trailer" to the history of the U.S. that one AP US History class made.