Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Cruising the Web

The middle class has done worse under Obama than under Bush - exactly what Obama promised he'd stop if he became president. But then the statistics on GDP growth and the size of the debt are so much worse than they were under George H.W. Bush or George W. Bush. When the Bushes were presidents the media and Democrats were happy to portray such statistics as terrible depression-like and to talk endlessly of a "jobless recovery," but we don't see those media comments now when the reality is so much worse.

What Obama doesn't understand is that his policies drive American businesses to hold off on new investments.

But then let's not worry, Obamacare funds meant to discourage obesity are being used to spay dogs and cats in Nashville. Apparently, overweight people were afraid to walk outside because of stray cats and dogs. Wonderful, just wonderful.

And Obama is still lying about that bridge between Ohio and Kentucky.

And lots of stimulus money has gone to create jobs in Europe.

Ann Althouse exposes the essential hypocrisy of Harvard's rush to deny that Elizabeth Warren got her job there as a diversity hire for her 1/32 of Native American heritage.
But you see, in faculty hiring, the question isn't whether this particular candidate is good enough. The question is why does this person with excellent credentials get selected from the pool of applicants who all have excellent credentials? Why did Warren move up the ranks of the law schools the way she did?

Her identification as a member of a minority group in the Association of American Law Schools directory would help. Why are the schools reticent about saying that they consider minority status a plus factor in hiring? Why aren't they out-and-proud about diversity? Law schools have fought for the proposition that diversity is a compelling state interest, justifying racial discrimination.

For Professor Westbrook to scoff that it's "just silly" to "suggest that [Warren] needed some special advantage" is to clumsily insult all the people who have gotten hired (or admitted as students) because of the diversity efforts of law schools. Those other people needed some special advantage, but oh, no, not her.

Is this reticence about the decency of affirmative action happening here because they want to help Warren in her Senate race? Is it because if she didn't really have that factor going for her but the schools used it, then... well... who, really, is hurt? Who was the next person in that pool of applicants? No one knows. Look away.

Richard Benedetto looks at how the media have allowed Obama to disappear when there are bad news stories in foreign policy.

Obama continues to double-count payroll tax hikes on high earners for shoring up Medicare and also for paying for new expenses in Obamacare just so the Democrats can lie about how Obamacare is lowering future deficits. It's all lies.
The government now has on its books two large, expensive and permanent entitlement commitments—the health law's premium subsidies and the Medicare hospital insurance program—yet Congress has only identified enough resources to pay for one of them.

Obama is running against hypotheticals because he can't defend his realities.

Voter fraud is real and continues.

The Washington Post editors point out
that the environmentalists' argument against the Keystone XL pipeline has gotten even weaker.

Here's a pointed question: should we take Obama at his word?

The Social Security Trust funds are running out faster
than expected.

May 1 is now Loyalty Day.