Saturday, April 14, 2012

What if we extend the liberals' logic

The country's worst PR adviser Hillary Rosen and the head of NOW, Terry O'Neill, are arguing that Ann Romney can't understand the problems that working women face because she doesn't "have the kind of life experience and if not, the imagination, to really understand what most American families are going through right now." So their point is that the wife of a man who has been successful financially can't understand the problems of most American families because her family is in a different income bracket.

Okay, if the argument is that people who have never experienced what others have experienced can't understand or speak out on those sorts of issue, let's just go with that. How about if we also say that no politician who has never met a payroll can not speak out on anything concerning business or the economy? I'd be willing to sacrifice Ann Romney's voice on the economy if politicians like Barack Obama and Joe Biden were likewise permanently silenced from speaking out about business and the economy.


Linda said...

Oooooh, I like that idea. Too many economic idiots have been talking for too long.

madfanxyz said...

I've been thinking along the same lines myself. Also, where did this requirement come from (except the left) that the FLOTUS must represent all American women? Michelle Obama doesn't represent me nor does splurging on extravagant vacations indicate to me someone who has economic sense or understands the situation of the average American, woman or man. And on the subject of qualifications, is Moochy a nutritionist?

Rick Caird said...

I would go even further. Not only could those without experience not speak, they could not be Congressional representatives or Senators either. Therefore, all those "rich" people in Congress would have to go. How could they understand a Joe the Plumber and his problems.

Further, someone whose wife had a job specially created for her and paying $300K would be ineligible to talk about the plight of families. Particularly when the job resulted in pork for the hospital and was not back filled when she left.

When all is said and done, politics is being done by the elite and the wealthy. No wonder we have a government so out of control.

moosewing said...

How about if we extend that to the military as well. If you didn't serve, you can't comment on whether or not the war is good or bad, how much money the military needs, etc.

mark said...

I certainly don't blame repubs for flogging the idiotic Rosen comment. Dems will do the same with Romney's comment that mothers on federal assistance should be forced to put their children in day care while they experience the "dignity of work".
A comment by a dem operative, which was quickly criticized by both Obamas and Biden, doesn't compare to the actions of a dozen or so states that have affected a womens' right to choose, receive medical care and assure fair pay.