Friday, April 06, 2012

Failing to govern

Major Garrett makes a persuasive case for Rob Portman as Romney's VP pick. What really struck me was this list of what Congress probably won't get done before the election and will have to ram through in the lame-duck Congress.
In those precious few weeks in November and December the nation will have to decide the fate of the following: the expiring Bush tax cuts, the expiring payroll-tax cut, unfinished spending bills, the expiring Medicare "doc fix" that shielded physicians from a 27 percent premium cut, extended unemployment benefits, the scheduled $1.2 trillion across-the-board discretionary spending cut (sequester), the farm bill, and quite probably, a transportation bill. Oh, and one other thing. A $3 trillion debt-ceiling increase will come up then or right after Inauguration Day.
And this doesn't even include what to do if part of Obamacare is struck down and the resulting "hollow shell" is left for Congress to fix up. Or what to do if there should be a crisis in the Middle East if Israel moves to take out Iran's nuclear facilities.

Is this any way for our country to govern? We have a system where our elected politicians do nothing but posture for a year and then hold midnight sessions to craft band-aids to cover the wounds that are left by their failure to reach decisions.