Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Democrats' modus operandi: from demagoguery to denial

The Democrats' denial that they ever talked about a GOP "war on women" is, in a microcosm, an illumination of their modus operandi.

First they gin up a total phony point that they trumpet in the worst sorts of demagoguery. Somehow, thinking that religious institutions shouldn't have to provide free coverage of birth control and the morning after pill if that conflicts with their religion's tenets becomes a war on women. Remember, we weren't arguing over women having to cover a co-payment for their birth control, but that it should be provided free of charge by their insurance companies. No other health product was being mandated to be provided for free - not cancer, heart, or diabetes medicine.

The fact that the drug at issue was related to sex rather than any other medical treatment is quite revealing of what is most important to the Democrats.

The demands betrayed the total economic cluelessness of the Democrats as they totally ignored the reality that there is no such thing as a free birth control pill. The cost would have to be covered by people paying for their policies or by the insurance companies. As always, the Democrats seem to miss that corporations will just pass their increased costs on to their customers.

But hey, the line "war on women" hits a political sweet spot as they seek to increase women's purported uneasiness with Republicans and Mitt Romney. And that is all that matters. Never let a good demogogic line go to waste.

And then when the whole thing backfires in their faces, they suddenly turn about and deny that they ever were talking about a "war on women." Suddenly, they start claiming that it is just the Republicans who used that term. Even though, as Jim Geraghty demonstrates, congressional Democrats have been parroting that term and DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz used the term with gusto and the DCCC have been selling "Stop the Republican War on Women" products.

And there you have the Democrats' m.o. In a few short weeks they go from demagoguery to denial and hope that no one notices.