Monday, April 30, 2012

Cruising the Web

This is fun - Andrew Klavan and Bill Whittle give Obama's campaign video the Mystery Science Theater treatment.

Some advice for Mitt Romney
on countering Obama's "cool factor." And even Jon Stewart thinks that the presidency should be above slow-jamming the news.

So does it get much lower than pretending to be a Native American in order to grab a job at Harvard Law? Now that her fakery has been exposed, Elizabeth Warren is reduced to claiming that she's relying on family lore even though there is no evidence that her family had a Native American background.

In contrast to Warren's sputtering over being revealed as a liar about her heritage, Scott Brown makes a half-court basket for charity.

John Hawkins lists seven of "the most disturbing quotes from members of the Obama administration."

Obama is blind
to how the United States has the most creative and efficient oil industry in the world. But he just doesn't seem to care.

Actually, Rob Portman
isn't that boring.

Public employee unions are running wild to the detriment of the states' fiscal viability. Government worker pension costs are bankrupting the states.

Jonah Goldberg looks at cliches that liberals love.