Friday, April 27, 2012

Cruising the Web

Larry Sabato looks at elections that defied the CW.

Marco Rubio is giving Mitt Romney a big present with his modified DREAM Act. Now the Democrats have to decide to go along with a proposal they have a lot of agreement with or oppose it just because it takes away a talking point that they've been using to gin up Hispanic anger against Republicans.

Just what we need - another fight with threats of a government shutdown.

American Crossroads nails it.
Jim Geraghty says, "Barack Obama 2012: Soft on Putin, Tough on Kanye."

Apparently, few people read Joe Conason and Jonathan Alter and so missed that they both posted almost the exact same column.

Charles Krauthammer advises
to either intervene in Syria or just stop pretending, as Obama has been, that we are trying to do something there. Don't think to fool people by creating a committee against atrocities, while atrocities are going on right now. If Obama is prepared to grant Russia and China a veto over our will to act while a tyrant slaughters his citizens, don't pretend that an Atrocities Prevention Board is going to serve any purpose.

Public employees are now the new aristocracy
and Wisconsin is ground zero for the fight of the taxpayer peasantry to redress the imbalance.
Walker’s collective bargaining reforms have added up to over $1 billion in documented savings for state and local governments in Wisconsin in the first year alone. That enabled the entire state deficit to be eliminated without yet another tax increase, and without layoffs of teachers and other government workers, except in three school districts that have continued to resist implementing the reforms. The reforms have also resulted in the smallest property tax increase in 15 years, and the first decline in local school tax assessments in 6 years. In short, Walker’s reforms are working.
No wonder that our new aristocrats are striking back as hard as they can against Scott Walker and disgruntled taxpayers tired of paying for the elite's benefits.

Kimberley Strassel reports on how the Obama campaign is now creating an enemies' list of those who donate to Mitt Romney's campaign.

Every week Peggy Noonan gets more irritated by President Obama. She finds him boring, aggravating and incompetent. Not a nice trio of characteristics to sell the people that he should be reelected.

The Democrats trumpeted their pay-as-you-go provisions to require Congress to cut some expense if they are going to add a new expenditure. And now it's going to come back to bite them as Republicans target an Obamacare slush fund to pay for the extension of the lower college loan rates that Obama is traveling around the country telling college kids that they don't want to lower.

The Obama Labor Department backs down
on their proposed rule to apply child labor laws to family farms.