Thursday, April 26, 2012

Cruising the Web

Hot Air reminds us of when Barack Obama told college students that they would have to perform national service in order to get help with their student loans. Now that sacrifice has been sacrificed.

And the way that Obama planned for paying for the government taking over the student loan program was instead spent on Obamacare.

Is this the kiss of death for Romney?

Timothy P. Carney argues that Gingrich's campaign hurt the free-market cause.

Charles Lane examines other controversial 5 to 4 rulings from the Supreme Court and argues that such cases have not damaged the Court as critics claim such a decision on Obamacare would hurt the Court's reputation.

Is coolness a political liability for Obama? Perhaps he's already got the vote of those people who consider coolness a reason to vote for someone for president - whether independents care about Obama's coolness is another question.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz comes up with the weakest excuse yet for the Senate Democrats not having passed a budget.

W. James Antle explains how Barack Obama has institutionalized crony capitalism. This is more than just Solyndra; there are numerous other examples.

Secretary of Interior Ken Salazar has long wanted gas as high as $9 a gallon.

The truth about Pell Grants reveals that, once again, Barack Obama is prevaricating about the GOP position on Pell Grants. And, of course, this is one more federal expense that Barack Obama is not letting us know how he plans to pay for.

J.P. Freire notes that Obama has only two jokes that he makes: "I'm great" or "I'm only pretty great."