Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Cruising the Web

Explaining why raising the capital gains tax rate is both bad policy and won't raise the revenue that the Democrats claim. If only they studied their history more.

Rhode Island's reforms with Medicaid provide an example of why block-granting Medicaid money to the states would save money and provide better results.

Hmmm - do the moments when Obama has been caught off the teleprompter give us more insight into what he really thinks than do his prepared speeches? Sounds like a convincing thesis.
The inadvertent Obama gives glimpses of his them-vs.-us world, in which doctors lop off limbs and rip out tonsils for cash, fat cats junket to Vegas on their kids’ tuition money, the uncaring don’t know when to stop their profiteering and they worry little about spreading the wealth. In the world of the flippant Obama, energy prices should “skyrocket”; Brazil should sell us the sort of offshore oil we ourselves will not develop; and proper tire pressure, tune-ups, and algae can substitute for more drilling. In these moments of candor, there are no speechwriters, and no canned phrases moving down a screen, spiced with the Nixonian “Make no mistake about it” and “Let me be perfectly clear” fillers. The thoughts, phraseology — and incoherence — are all Obama’s own.

If it comes down to a choice between an eloquent delivery of someone else’s neatly crafted liberal ideas and Obama’s ad-hoc revelations of his own hard-left worldview, it is no wonder why most of us prefer the teleprompter.

The RNC has a good ad about the change that we have seen in Barack Obama since 2008: From 'Hope" to Hypocrisy.
Fred Hiatt ponders the reasons why Barack Obama doesn't champion democracy and freedom around the world.

Bret Stephens explains why the Falklands War matters. Just in time for my AP Euro class which is covering this era today.

James Pethokoukis explains
why market reforms of healthcare would do so much more to lower costs than a government top-down system such as Obamacare.

Timothy P. Carney explains one
of the main dangers of the sort of industrial policy employed by Obama - it leads inevitably to crony capitalism.