Monday, April 09, 2012

Cruising the Web

The NYT has an interesting report that I wasn't aware of - Mitt Romney and Bibi Netanyahu have been acquaintances since 1976 when they both worked at the same Boston Consulting firm. They have since become friends and have worked together. Boy, if Romney were to win the election, we'd sure have a different relationship with Israel than we do under Obama.

Check out this telling graph to see what difference it would make to the deficit if we adopted Obama's solution for reducing the deficit - the Buffett Rule. That same blogger at has this video visualization of our growing debt under recent presidents.

Jazz Shaw links to this horrifying story of how teachers who have either sexually misbehaved with students or indulged in similar inappropriate behavior but cannot be fired and are even still teaching. Blame the arbitration process that the union insists on.

Both the Republicans and Democrats are aiming to win the votes of senior citizens. The Republicans are now in the lead. We'll see how that holds up after months of Mediscare tactics.

Eric Holder opposes voter ID laws. Yet it would have been quite simple to have gone into Holder's own voting district and vote in his name. And such vote-stealing is going on around the country. As John Fund points out, those crying that such such laws would prevent minorities from voting can't find any examples of that actually happening although there are plenty of examples of voter fraud.
“From voter fraud to election chicanery of all kinds, America teeters on the edge of scandal every November,” says Larry Sabato, the director of the Center for Politics at the University of Virginia and author of a comprehensive survey of voter fraud called “Dirty Little Secrets.” The fact that so many people want to thwart legitimate and prudent efforts to improve ballot integrity has become a scandal in its own right. Attorney General Holder is unlikely to agree with that, but after what happened at his polling place last Tuesday, he should at least understand that voter fraud itself is a scandal worth investigating.
Walter Russell Mead puts forth an analysis that, in foreign affairs, we are now living in a septagonal world.

Would Obama do better if he ran on optimism and hope as he did in 2008? Unfortunately, he can't do that in the face of his own record.

In the same week that President Obama decried as unprecedented the courts throwing out a law passed through a strong majority in Congress, his administration was arguing that the courts throw out a federal law voted in 342 to 67 in the House and 85 to 14 in the Senate.

Sometimes, it is just dang hard to be a presidential spokesman.

Obama might be depending on a false narrative of the GOP's "war on women," but his administration is willing to work with and give money to an Egypt run by the Muslim Brotherhood who are conducting an actual "war on women."