Monday, March 12, 2012

Yup, that reset on Russia was a big success: just ask Obama and Putin

Both Obama and Putin agree on one thing. Obama's trumpeted "reset" between the United States and Russia has been successful.
When President Obama congratulated Vladimir Putin today for winning the Russian presidential election, the two leaders discussed how the "reset" between the United States and Russia has been "succcesful" -- but did not, apparently, discuss the rampant election fraud reported to have compromised the Russian presidential race.

"President Obama and President-Elect Putin agreed that the successful reset in relations should be built upon during the coming years," the White House Press Office announced in a readout of the call. "President Obama and President-Elect Putin agreed to continue discussions on areas where the United States and Russia have differed, including Syria and missile defense." The heads of state "agreed to continue their efforts to find common ground and remove obstacles to better relations."
What isn't clear is what the U.S. has gotten out of the reset. It's clear what Russia got. Obama backed out of agreements to put missile defense systems in Poland Russia is able to expand its arsenal of nuclear weapons while the U.S. will reduce it. Russia hasn't done anything that we've asked for regarding Syria or Iran. And Obama and the State Department didn't say anything to criticize Putin for alleged election fraud in Putin's recent victory.

Yup, that sure is a success. It's a typical Obama approach to foreign policy: lots of rhetoric to indicate that he's doing something wonderful, but no accomplishments and the other side gets all the benefits.