Monday, March 19, 2012

Dare we say "We told you so"?

Politico has a story about "Four Hard Truths of Health Care Reform" pointing out that the core promises of the reform have not come to pass.

The CBO is now confirming that some people, in fact millions, won't get to keep the coverage they like. Health care costs are not going down. And the law will certainly not pay for itself. And all this explains the final inconvenient truth - the more people get to know the bill, they're not coming around to liking it any more than they did when it was passed. In fact they're liking it less.

All this was absolutely clear when the dang thing was being passed. Conservatives and Republicans trumpeted these points, but the Democrats were so full of themselves that they had the majorities to cram the thing through that they gave up working with Republicans to pass something smaller and less disastrous.

And the news will only get worse. The CBO is still forced to include the assumptions built into the bill about what future congresses will pass to cut Medicare.
The Obama administration insists that the health care law will actually reduce the deficit — which sounds like a fantasy to many people, since the law will clearly increase spending through insurance subsidies and an expansion of Medicaid.

But that’s what CBO says. And it’s because the budget office believes the law will pay for itself through cuts in Medicare payments and various new taxes, including fees that health insurers and medical device makers will pay.

Like everything else CBO does, though, those estimates are mostly educated guesses — and they assume Congress is actually going to let the Medicare cuts happen.
As if politicians in Washington are ever going to have the discipline to cut Medicare payments. Perhaps they will ignore the truth that any increased fees on health insurers will just get passed along to customers as a truth that they seem to want to ignore all such taxes on businesses, but when people realize that their insurance premiums will be going up as a result, expect push-back on such new fees.

The whole thing was put together with arrogant gimmicks that are now becoming more and more apparent. And once again, we're seeing the essential dishonesty of what the Obama administration pretends that they have done for us.